10 Things Every Aquarian Must Do This Year

Avant-gardes, rebels, inventors and discoverers – these are the Aquarians. What runs in their blood is eccentricity, longing for freedom and a notorious intolerance for the routine. The most horrible thing you can do to them is immerse them in uniformity because in the Aquarian world, happiness lies namely in the escape from it. Exactly such escapes is what we have gathered in this article. Aquarian stuff that every representative of this star sign must do! Therefore, if you would like to make a touching gift to your favorite Aquarian, you will definitely find inspiration in the following lines.

Gift Come True - Пилотиране на самотел

Against all expectations, the element ruling the Aquarian is air, not water! So, what could possibly be more suitable for an air sign than an air adventure? The individual plane-piloting lesson, for example, will give the Aquarians that feeling of freedom they are constantly craving. With this experience, their nature of dreamers, constantly having their heads in the clouds, will get a chance to unfold completely.

Gift Come True - Панорамен полет с топловъздушен балон

Similarly, here is something just as “airborne”, but reaching adrenaline levels twice as high – an individual bungee jump. In order to do it, one needs to forget their sense for self-preservation – when you think about it, that’s actually quite insane! And because of that, it’s perfect for an Aquarian. However, if the Aquarian of yours is not up for that much of an extremity, the panoramic flight with a hot-air balloon will be just as exciting. The high adrenaline is replaced by fascinating views, while the whole experience is captured by an HD camera!

Gift Come True - Урочи по езда

And right from the air now stepping firmly on the ground with this pack of horse-riding lessons! They will give the Aquarians the opportunity to gallop away from daily life and instead find themselves in the beautiful and peaceful Rila mountain. And because they absolutely adore animals and nature, with such present you are gifting them happiness in its purest form.

Now it is crystal clear that the Aquarian likes everything that is different and original. And there is nothing more original than creating a real life fairytale for them! What we mean by this is a French experience for two in a romantic castle near Sopot. There the Aquarian will be able to plunge into bliss.

Speaking of a unique and original present, here is something that has probably never crossed your mind – coziness, authentic cuisine from the Rhodope mountains and horseback riding for two. With this experience you will allow the eccentric Aquarian to travel back in time and you will gift them something authentic and at the same time surprising – completely in Aquarian style.

Gift Come True - Рисуване върху платно с чаша вино

In addition, you have probably heard that together with creativity comes peculiarity. The Aquarian is actually one of the most imaginative signs. Thus, giving them a chance to express that quality of theirs will undoubtedly make them happy. A culinary adventure of their choice or canvas painting, while having a glass of wine – both will provide enough space for their vivid imagination.

Gift Come True

Another way to give the Aquarians’ imagination and innate curiosity free rein is to take them to an Escape room! There they will have exactly 60 minutes to harness all their skills in order to manage to escape and just as much to enjoy the dynamics and the puzzle that the room offers!

Gift Come True

Finally, because the Aquarians were born during winter, we cannot bypass a typical winter experience. An adventure tour with snowmobiles around Borovets and Pamporovo like this one, for example, will perfectly fit into the white season.

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