Family artisan bread - an extraordinary and delicious experience


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Family artisan bread - an extraordinary and delicious experience

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  • Every moment together counts, so make the most of family time with this enjoyable and delicious experience.

    Choose a very special moment or just have some fun and spend some unforgettable moments together.

    During the experience you will go step by step through the process of preparing a leavened bread. You will enjoy the aromatic scene and unforgettable taste of handmade bread. You will share stories, emotions and, above all, the happiness of being together. 




  • • Choose a topic that is important to the whole family

    • Children and parents draw in flour on the subject and create their own story

    • Children and parents knead the dough, working in teams

    • Each participant creates a figure - alone or together with another family member, present them, and create a common story

    • You can bake the bread at home or on-site and share it among family members

    • At the end you will relax with aromatic buns, cookies and fruit syrup

    Duration: between 1,5 and 2 hours.

    Location: Sofia and Plovdiv



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