"From the cocoa bean to the chocolate block" – a special chocolate tour


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  • екслузивна оферта за Гайо шоколад
  • човек създава шоколад
  • много Гайо шоколади на тава
  • Мария и Венсан собствениците на Гайо шоколад

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"From the cocoa bean to the chocolate block" – a special chocolate tour

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  • Meet Maria and Vensan – owners of Gayo Chocolate Factory, who have created their chocolate workshop with a lot of love and taste of the perfect chocolate.

    During the chocolate tour you will find out how to create delicious and healthy chocolate in an old European tradition.

    Together, you will go through the various stages of craft chocolate production: choosing the cocoa beans, peeling them and grinding a traditional stone mill, molding, tempering and packing. Don’t miss the chance to take part in some of the stages and, for example, take your own personal chocolate at home.



  • • Theoretical introduction to the production process: origin of cocoa, how to extract, process ...

    • You will go through all stages of production in the factory: selection of cocoa beans, measuring, processing, tempering ...

    • You will get involved at some stages of production

    • You will taste the chocolate and make your own one

    • You will learn a lot of interesting facts.The tour is led personally by Vensan Gayo

    • The tour takes place in a group several times a month. The hours must be booked in advance when registering this voucher

    Only with this voucher will receive 20% of all the products you can buy at the factory.

    Location: Gayo Chocolate Factory, Plovdiv

  • The voucher is for one.

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