Triple Escape Room Journey


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3 in 1: Puzzlenarium, SawRoom and the Revenge!

  • Еmotion
  • What's included
    • Dive into a relentless race with time within three different urban journeys.

      Enter the first room as a detective searching for the missing artefact. Time is unmerciful, and only YOU can save the British Empire.

      The second room plunges you into darkness and provokes sharp thinking straight away. Tick-tock. Do you value your freedom? Then let’s play a game…

      The dessert is an adventure FOR your life. It’s darker, more difficult, and the adrenaline is pumping. Do you trust your team? Find the key and save your life.

      Tip: the more players, the better your chance

    • What's included

• A journey through 3 different escape rooms to provoke your sharp thought and fast reactions

• You can choose the number of participants: 3 up to 6

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