Wine affair in Melnik. WOW! - six-steps wine degustation for two.


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  • Панорамна гледка на вила Мелник
  • дегустация на вино

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Wine affair in Melnik. WOW! - six-steps wine degustation for two.

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  • This experience will take you to the family-owned winery Villa Melnik in Harsovo village. Their doors are open for everyone, who is interested in an intimate experience and in the opportunity to meet the family winemakers in person.

    During this experience you will learn about the wine making from the ground up. You will start with a guided tour through the vineyards and will get familiar with different grape varieties associated only with the south-east region of Bulgarloaia - an essential requirement for the production of authentic and memorable wines.

    You will learn more about the vineyard practices including grape selection, fermentation, aging and blending.

    At the end you will relax with a degustation of six different wines - the best selection of the winery.



  • • Tour of the vineyards and introduction to the local grape varieties

    • Introduction to the history and the unique terroir of the Melnik region

    • A guided tour of the winery’s production facility and underground cellars

    • Tasting of 6 wines from local and international varieties, (including our top wine from the AplauZ range)

    • Bread, carefully selected local specialties, and mineral water

    • The degustation takes place every day

    • Languages used - english, spanish, greek and russian

    Duration: 2 hours

    Location: Family-owned estate Villa Melnik, Harsovo village, 7km. from Melnik

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