Sun rays poured in a bottle. Wine from Angelus Estate Bulgaria


  • YOUNG STALLION червено вино
  • три вина от Angelus Estate Bulgaria

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Sun rays poured in a bottle. Wine from Angelus Estate Bulgaria

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  • Angelus Estate is located close to Zhrebchevo dam which has given the wine’s name “Zhrebets”, or “Stallion.” The winery proudly presents a sun kissed grape variety among which are Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet sauvignon, Syrah and many more. Through unique technology and meticulous handwork, Angelus Estate pour and preserve the sun rays in a bottle. This sophisticated wine promises to satisfy and amaze even pickiest wine lovers. Taste and emotion worth sharing with a special one.


  • A choice of rose, white or red wine from Angelus Estate Bulgaria

    STALLION ROSE - rose with quartz color and shine and fresh and lively flavor. Explosive and complex blend of fresh berries, citrus, pink grapefruit and shades of gunpowder. Wine with spectacular attack and pronounced minerality taste, accompanied by a long-lasting finish.

    Cabernet franc - 70 %, Grenache - 25 %, Syrah - 5 %

    WHITE STALLION - white with a crystal clear, golden moon color and glossy shine. An attractive multi-layered nose that recognizes the accents of exotic flowers and honey. Soft attack, balanced and well-defined fresh, fruity aroma combined with harmonious oak shades, complemented by notes of almond oil, apricot and toasted orange peel

    Chardonnay 87 %, Sauvignon Blanc 10 %, Viognier 3 %.

    • YOUNG STALLION - red with an attractive color and elegant glow. Vivid and peppery fruity aroma. Gentle velvety attack, revealing a harmonious taste of early forest fruits, cherry, blackcurrant and blackberry. Pleasant freshness, lined with round and well-structured body. Long aftertaste with soft and warm creamy finish.

    Cabernet sauvignon 40 %, Merlot 40 %, Cabernet franc 10 %, Syrah 10 %

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