BREW DAY: All-day adventure for beer lovers


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  • Сертификат за участие в Урок на пивоварна система Брюстън Бийкън от майстор пивовар Робърт Хенри
  • рафт с хмелове, карамел и други съставки за направата на крафт бира
  • сипване на готова крафт бира в бутилка
  • различни съставки за създаването на крафт бира
  • майстор показва как се прави крафт бира
  • трима човека, които са на курс по крафт бира
  • щастлива двойка след курса си по крафт бира

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BREW DAY: All-day adventure for beer lovers

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  • What's included
  • Are you ready for a real beer adventure?

    Spend one day behind the doors of a Bulgarian Craft Brewery and learn about the history, techniques, ingredients, science and art of brewing by certified beer masters.

    You will cook, cool, sterilize and, of course, taste some craft beer!

    And at the end of the workshop each guest will receive a 5-liter fermentor with his beer - for sharing with friends!



  • • The lesson is conducted by the brewery system Brewster Beacon by master brewer Robert Henry

    • You will get a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge about beer making:

    - Types of malt, grind

    - Cooking - tempering of mash, water / malt ratio, circulation

    - Draining and flushing the malt bran

    - Waxing - scheme of hunger, hops for bitterness and aroma

    - Brewing

    - Cooling

    - Sterilization of fermentation equipment

    - Measure the initial density

    - Types of yeast beer

    - Possible mistakes of the brewery

    • Lunch: craft pizza and beer

    • Craft beer tasting made in the workshop - usually 3 beer styles.

    • Each participant leaves with a 5-liter fermenter with his fermentation wort for fermentation at home.

    • Certificate of participation, signed and stamped by the brewery

    Duration 7 hours: from 11:00 to 18:00 o'clock.

    Location: Stara Zagora

    The lesson is conducted in small groups of up to 4-9 people. It is conducted in English. If necessary, an interpreter is provided. The lesson is suitable both for beginner home brewers and for those who have already made several brews and want to improve their skills by clearing up possible mistakes.

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