Feel the spirit of the Bulgarian Renaissance….cobblestone streets and the sound of bells, Kalofer


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  • Илийковата къща в Калофер
  • разходка около Калофер
  • Екопътека Бяла Река
  • вътре в Илийковата къща
  • спалня
  • Църква в Калофер

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Feel the spirit of the Bulgarian Renaissance….The “Iliikova House” in Kalofer

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  • The “Iliikova House” in Kalofer is located on a small and quiet street, only 50 m away from the Nunnery “Presentation of the Blessed Virgin” – an emblematic sight in the town of Kalofer, which has preserved the spirit of the times.

    . The nunnery is a successor of four cloisters and nowadays is one of the best functioning monasteries in Bulgaria.

    The renovated house is more than 130 years old, it is named after the famous family Iliiki or to be more precise after the renowned haidouk Stoyan Iliikata. The garden offers a view of the mountain – spirit, tradition, coziness and comfort.

    Do you hear the festive sound of bells?



  • • Bed and breakfast for two in a historical house with a garden offering a view of the majestic Balkan Mountains – you could rest there under the vine arbor or how about a barbecue?

    • A local guide will drive you to the Thracian rock sanctuary “The door of the Goddess” (also known as The Sun door) - one of the most ancient Thracian sanctuaries in the Bulgarian lands, a complex built by the ancient Thracians and used not only for cults and rituals, but also for astronomical observations and as a calendar. A place with great concentration of energy commensurable with this of the Giza Pyramid.

    • You can also add a visit to the Sandeeva Water-mill – examine closely the tradition of river washing (tepavicarstvo) grind your own flour and make a corn bread


    - Discover on your own the natural treasure of the Central Balkans while walking down the Eco trail “White River” and enjoy its forests, water basins, plant and animal species.

    - Visit the sight “Raysko Praskalo” (“Heavenly Sprinkler”) – the highest waterfall on the Balkan Peninsula, situated under Botev peak, on the territory of the Central Balkan National Park.

    - SPA resorts Banya and Pavel Banya are only 30 minutes away by car

    Location: Iliikova kashta, Kalofer

    Prices are for two.

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