Discover the beauty of Bulgaria! Mountain trek to Malyovitsa, Strashnoto lake, Lovnitsa and Kupenite


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  • Discover the beauty of Bulgaria! Mountain trek to Malyovitsa, Strashnoto lake, Lovnitsa and Kupenite
  • Discover the beauty of Bulgaria! Mountain trek to Malyovitsa, Strashnoto lake, Lovnitsa and Kupenite
  • Discover the beauty of Bulgaria! Mountain trek to Malyovitsa, Strashnoto lake, Lovnitsa and Kupenite

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Dates: 05 -06 August

Bulgaria is full of wonderful spots with splendid nature, and the mountains are their guardians! Immerse yourself in an exciting adventure filled with breathtaking views, unforgettable memories, a great workout for the body and tranquility for the mind. Challenge yourself, get to know the paths less travelled and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature!

Enjoy the breathtaking dynamics of seas of clouds pouring over ridges and valleys! The lakes, almost like mirrors, reflect Mother Nature's artfully painted scary teeth, and the winds add majestic finishing touches, moving colossal clouds over the peaks.  Malyovitsa region’s hidden corners seem to have a Scandinavian demeanor, and the gusts of wind remind of distant times and a simpler life. Your only task here is to withstand the challenges, masterfully weaving your way between the peaks to enjoy the mighty beauty they reveal. In this programme we will visit some of the most beautiful alpine lakes in Rila and pave our way through the heavens, passing through one of the most panoramic ridges ever, and our only witnesses will be the most fascinating panoramas!

The offer includes:

  • participation in the programme. You can choose from the drop-down menu whether to join a mixed group with a fixed date or do a VIP individual trek or trek as a couple, again individually with the guide, and on a chosen by you date.
  • licensed mountain guide
  • mountain insurance for the trip, covering 2000lv. 
  • overnight stay in the hut



Centralna Planinska Shkola Malyovitsa– second terrace – Elenino lake – Malyovitsa peak – Malyovi lakes – Malyovitsa hut

09 AM We gather at Centralna Planinska Shkola Malyovitsa. From here we begin our adventure. We take a short trek to Malyovitsa hut, where we leave all unnecessary luggage and then we continue with our journey. The trail leads us through terraces 1 and 2, and then we see the steep slopes leading to the pure waters of Elenino lake.

From here, we follow the mountain trail closely and begin our final ascent to the icon of Bulgarian mountaineering! Once at the top, panoramas spread out before our eyes as far as Vitosha, Stara Planina and Pirin, and closer are the ridges of Petlite, Orlovets, Zliia zivas, Kamilata and Lovnitsa - a sneak peek of the adventures and views of Day2.

After indulging in these panoramic views, we begin our descent, but on the way we detour down a secret path just below the fierce north face of Malovitsa to sneak up to the fabulous Malyovi Lakes!

On the mirror-like surface of water you can see the northern wall of Malyovitsa. We stop to take some pictures before continuing our journey through the picturesque Malyovo field back to the hut, where we will enjoy a well-deserved beer.


Malyovitsa hut – Strahnoto lake – Popova Kapa peak- Kupena -Lovnitsa – BAK- Malyovitsa hut -  Centralna Planinska Shkola Malyovitsa

What could be better than starting your day with a cup of aromatic mountain tea or coffee and an unforgettable view of the symbol of Bulgarian mountaineering - Mount Maliovitsa? Well, we’ve got some surprises coming up.

Impatient, we grab our backpacks and head down the steep trail to Strashnoto lake! Along the way, we see the clear waters of the mineral lakes and the steep northern walls of the imposing Kamilata and Lovnitsa peaks! Continuing our way, the impressive Kupeni gradually appear before our eyes, and at their foot shines Strashnoto lake. According to the legend, an artist captivated by the beauty of the lake longed to paint it. Unexpectedly, while he was sitting on its bank, an unprecedented storm raged. The lake turned black, and the earth seemed to tremble under the thunderstorm. The artist ran down, and said to the people he met on the way back: "The lake is  strashno (scary)." Since then the lake bears this name.

We go around the left bank and climb to the peak of Popova kapa. Next are the three Kupena with a unique view of the most alpine part of the Rila - the peaks of Zliya Zab, Orlovets, and Malyovitsa. We continue towards Lovnitsa and through the emblematic BAK shelter we go down to  Malyovitsa hut. After a well-deserved rest, we head down to end the two-day adventure!

Mandatory personal equipment:

  • mountain insurance valid for the trip
  • small knife
  • backpack with capacity 25-35l
  • small binding package with bandages and elastic bandage, rescue foil
  • high top mountain shoes
  • spare socks (2-3 pairs)
  • comfy mountain clothes
  • long mountain trousers
  • thermal underwear
  • warm sweater
  • raincoat and wind jacket
  • warm hooded jacket
  • winter hat
  • gloves (2 pairs)
  • buff or head scarf
  • head lamp or flashlight
  • sunglasses and sunscreen
  • trekking poles (recommended)

The trek is suitable for beginners with basic physical training.

All treks are carried out in compliance with the necessary safety measures and are led by a licensed mountain guide. 

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