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  • 5 дни в Меганиси Гърция
  • каякинг в Меганиси Гърция
  • каякинг в синьо море Гърция
  • каякинг към пещера в Гърция
  • каякинг до Меганиси

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Meganissi is a small island in the Ionian Sea in the west of Greece, located just off Lefkada Island. The kayaking adventure includes a walk to some of the caves on the island, small and sheltered blue azure water beaches, and a camping or wild beach nearby.

The offer includes:

• Preliminary instruction

• Road and tolls

• We provide a tent, sack and bed covers with a pre-order

• Sea kayak

• Kayak equipment (paddle, vest, sprite, jacket, neoprene, boots, etc.)

• Guide


Day 1. We leave from Sofia at 7.00 pm from Vasil Levski Stadium.

Day 2. In the morning we arrive at Lefkada Island in Desimia, which is the starting point for our kayaking trips. We prepare the kayaks - follow brief instructions and head to the island of Meganisi to look at the Papanikolis cave. The cave itself is remarkable for its size - a whole ship can enter it. It is known by the legend that during the Second World War it was a secret hiding place for submarines. And on our way we will see turquoise lagoons and other small caves. We return to Desimie in the late afternoon.

Day 3. We wake up with sunrise, eat breakfast and have coffee, and then head for new adventures to the island of Meganissi. Our goal will be to go around the beaches from the north. In the beginning we will pass by the island of Scorpio and we will reach Spartochori, where we will go out and eat, because the food here is fantastic and a delight to our language. You will be brought to the world of narrow streets, stone houses, pretty gardens ... Then we head back to Desimmi.

Day 4. We will dedicate this day to the beach of Porto Katsiki, which, according to some charts, is the third most beautiful in the world with its white strip of beach. On the way, natural sights alternate one after another and we can see a number of rock plumes with incredible views.

Day 5. After breakfast and coffee, we load luggage and head for Sofia. We'll stop by the road to look at Nydri's waterfalls, including the famous Dimosari waterfall. In ancient times there were many mills in the area, and the whole island is rich in groundwater, thanks to which it is so green. Expected arrival in Sofia later in the evening.

DATE: 20-23 SEPTEMBER 2019

Minimum number of participants in the group - 6 people.

The seats are limited.

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