Flight by motor paraglider (paratrike)


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  • Flight by motor paraglider (paratrike)
  • Flight by motor paraglider (paratrike)
  • Flight by motor paraglider (paratrike)
  • Flight by motor paraglider (paratrike)

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Flying with a paratrike is a real delight, especially for adventurers who want to comfortably accommodate in the seat and fly like birds. The paratrike is a combination of a paraglider and a two-seat trike and an engine with a propeler at the rear. This eliminates the need to run on take-off or landing, also minimising the risk of injury.

You can fly with a paratrike from Cherven Bryag, Prohodna cave (God's eyes) and near Sofia town.

Give (yourself) flight with a paratrike and you certainly won't be disappointed. Ready? Set, Go!

The offer includes:

  • Flight at a selected location with video shooting included – Cherven Bryag, Prohodna cave and near Sofia
  • Selected duration – 15 minutes, 20 minutes or 30 minutes
  • Certified and experienced instructor with over 10 years of practice
  • Wonderful experience and strong emotion

Locations: Cherven Bryag, Prohodna Cave or near Sofia

Flights are held almost all year round, the most favorable being the months of spring, summer and autumn.

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