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Healthy gift

Healthy gift

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Thanks to bees, each of us has tried and enjoyed the natural, aromatic, sweet and useful product - honey. The variety of all the substances it contains makes it very useful for our body.

Give (yourself) a wonderful package, directly from the "Bee House", with a wish for health and sweet moments.

Choice between 3 options:

Option 1: Honey and light

  • Beautiful bamboo box
  • Jar with honey 300g
  • Bees wax candle

Option 2: Sweetness and light

  • Voucher for visiting a Bee house
  • Jar with honey 300g
  • Bees wax candle

Option 3: Honey and bee pollen

  • Voucher for visiting a Bee house
  • Large bamboo box
  • Jar of honey - 600 g
  • Bee pollen -70g
  • Bees wax candle


You can choose how to deliver:

  • Free - From the shop of the Bee House -ul. 12a Madara, 1618 m. Gardova glava, Sofia. Working hours: Every day - between 08:00 -19:00, by prior arrangement with the store
  • To an office of Speedy / Econt
  • To home address

The deadline for implementation is 3 working days.

This product cannot be ordered by cash on delivery.



When will I receive my voucher?

Purchased and paid online vouchers are sent to the e-mail specified by you within the working day (09:00-18:00). If you urgently want to receive the voucher, please write to us at

Purchased on working days until 4:00 p.m. vouchers in an envelope or box are sent with the courier company Speedy to the address specified by you. Delivery usually takes 1 working day.

How do I use my voucher?

From our main menu, select the "reservation" button. Fill in the form with the date and time you want. Our partners usually respond within 3 business days after a registration request is received. Expect feedback from us by email within these 3 business days. It is advisable to make the inquiry at least 7 days before the desired date.

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Опаковай подаръка със стил

Избери между елегантни подаръчна кутия или плик. Опаковката има значение - поднеси подарък преживяване със стил.