3 Days kayak adventure around Ammouliani Island, Greece


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3 Days kayak adventure around Ammouliani Island, Greece

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  • Ammouliani is a small island located on the eastern part of the bay, separated from the peninsulas of Sithonia and Mount Athos, part of the Halkidiki Peninsula. It is suitable for a kayak tour, both for beginners and advanced kayakers, who just want to alternate easy paddling with beach breaks and swimming in the azure waters of the sea.



  • • Preliminary instructions

    • Transport /incl. toll taxes/

    • We provide a tent, sleeping bags and pads for camping

    • Sea kayak 

    • Kayaking equipment (paddle, life vest, spray skirt, paddling jacket, neoprene wetsuit, paddle boots etc.)

    • Kayak guide


    Day 1: We start our travel to the island heading to Tripiti first, where we get on the kayaks and go right into the sea. The trip to Tripiti is about 5 hours. As soon as we get there we take a short break on Tripiti beach.

    Day 2: From Tripiti we sail right up to the island of Ammouliani, stopping on the way for sun-bathing and relaxation on the small islands. We spend a night on a wild beach on the west side of the island. Kayak kilometers for the day - about 8 km.

    Day 3: Waking up, breakfast and coffee. After a short warm-up we head south to stop on Drenja Island, where we practice the eskimo roll or how to roll a kayak when its flipped over. In the late afternoon we paddle to Ornaupoli where we get ready for our ride back to Sofia. Kayak kilometers for the day - about 14 km.

    Dates: 30.08-01.09, 2019

    Minimum number of participants in the group – 6 people.

    Maximum number of participants in the group – 24 people.

    Seats are limited.

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