Moroccan cuisine | Sofia | 18 Maу


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Original, rich, savoring - Moroccan cuisine will satisfy every taste.

Be ready to encounter a variety of products, surprising flavors and dozens of different spices.

In this course Men in the Kitchen introduce you to this fascinating exotics and aromas.

Let yourself get caught into the Moroccan cuisine - we promise you will like it!

 Togehter we will cook:

  • Salad with green pepper, tomato and pear
  • M’semen bread
  • Hummus and couscous
  • Tajin with lamb and saffron
  • Milk bastille with Warka crusts

Yummy, right?

Date and time of the event:  18.05.2023 from 18:30 to 22:30

Location: Yummy Cooking School 1, Sofia, Byala Cherkva 24

The course is suitable for all who want to expand their knowledge regardless of their age and skills.

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