Moto glider flight. Shumen


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  • видеозаснемане на полет с мото делтапланер
  • моторен делтапланер след залез слънце
  • моторен делтапланер в небето

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Moto glider flight with free video capture!!

  • Еmotion
  • What's included
  • Moto gliders are suitable for people who want to go around both low and high in the sky.

    To feel the wind and the freedom of being in the air.

    A wonderful gift that will be an unforgettable emotion and a lifetime memory.





  • • Flight with the moto glider

    • Professional instructor

    • Full equipment

    • Duration: 15 or 25min.


    Location: Shumen

    The flights take into account the meteorological forecast for the time, which is accurate for 3-4 days ahead. Flights are held from april to october,


    Restrictions: people weighing up to 90 kg, up to 2m tall and over 14 years.

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