Nikki's desserts | Sofia | 10 May


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We all love sweets, but we don't all know how to make them, do we?

Is it important to follow exactly the recipe, or is it always necessary to put a dose of imagination. Niki Nenchev is here to lead you on a sweet journey into the world of delicious delights. Expect – the unexpected in taste combinations and reading of well-known products.

You will master the secrets of:

  • The perfect profilers
  • Frankfurter Krantz cake with French buttercream and how to make the best layers
  • Secrets of the perfect soufflé – chocolate soufflé with towers of berries

The course lasts 4 hours – from 18:30 to 22:30.

Date: 10.05.2023 

Location:Yummy Cooking School 1, Sofia, Byala Cherkva 24

The course is suitable for all who want to expand their knowledge regardless of their age and skills.

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