Pole dance - For beautiful and self-confident women


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Pole dance – for beautiful and self-confident women.

  • Еmotion
  • What's included
  • Pole dance is the art of dance that combines beautiful movements, gymnastic, aerobic and acrobatic exercises and last but not least emotion.

    Pole dance has gained popularity recently as a fitness program by using the body itself as resistance. It is challenging, but it is also a fun and friendly way to increase general body strength and flexibility.

    You will have an improved posture and naturally appear more confident.

    Inspire yourselve. Do’t give up before you start.



  • • You will learn to control your body in the air

    • You will increase your core and general body strenght, stamina and flexibility

    • You will feel confident

    • You can choose between: a private class, 3 private classes, 3 classes in a group

    • Professional teacher

    • Small groups

    Location: Sonya Pole Studio, Sofia

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