A bottle of specially selected wine from Seewines


  • A bottle of specially selected wine from Seewines
  • A bottle of specially selected wine from Seewines
  • A bottle of specially selected wine from Seewines
  • A bottle of specially selected wine from Seewines

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A good bottle of wine is a great addition to any gift, no matter the occasion.

Trust our selection of wines by Seewines, a brand investing in biodynamic viticulture and wine production in the two opposite ends of Bulgaria - in the land of Kavarna, where Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Petit Mansen and Pinot Noir are grown, as well as and in the village of Harsovo, Melnik region.

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The wine is straw-colored with pleasant greenish tinges, typical for young wines. The aroma reveals the typical for the variety pyrazine tones - green pepper and grassy notes that do not dominate, but complement. They are harmoniously combined with the secondary aroma of tropical fruits, peach and green apple. The wine is great for self-consumption, as an aperitif, and also in combination with all kinds of green salads, seafood or cheese. Light antipasti and foods with white meat, fish and vegetarian dishes can also be combined extremely well with Colorito Sauvignon Blanc.


The vineyards are located on a hilly terrain in the lands of the villages of Harsovo and Vinograd. The process begins in the last days of August with the harvest of Syrah and Senzo, who ferment together. A week later, the Pinot Noir grape harvest began, and the last ingredient of this wonderful blend - Shiroka Melnishka Vine and Early Melnik Vine - was harvested in mid-September and fermented on its own in stainless steel vessels.


The vineyards are located in the villages of Harsovo and Kromidovo, Sandanski on a terrain with predominant southern exposure. Hand-picked grapes ferment in stainless steel containers. The wine does not go through a stage of aging in barrels, which preserves the varietal character and freshness of the fruit. The aroma is dominated by notes of red fruits - cherries, raspberries, cherries, and the taste also reveals pleasant herbal notes. Served slightly chilled and can be consumed alone. It goes perfectly with lighter white meats or fish, and is also a great accompaniment to vegetarian dishes.


Delivery is included in the price and only for the territory of Bulgaria.

Original gift for: man, woman, couples, families, friends.

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