Sweet and salty breads and loaves | Sofia | 09 June


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Preparing a beautiful, tasty and fluffy festive round loaf is a real mastery. The occasions can be countless, the decorations and fillings too.
At this course we will knead together 3 different types of dough, from which we will make 3 types of sweet and salty loaves with decoration, suitable for weddings and children's holidays and 3 types of bread with different fillings.

Lecturer: Chef Ivelina Ivanova

At the course together we will prepare:

Ritual round bread
Round loaf with roses
Bread with parmesiano, ham and olives
Bread with berries
Bread with liquid chocolate and strawberries

Date: 09 June 2023 (Friday) from 10:00 to 16:00

Location: Sofia, ul. Maestro Mihail Milkov 6-8

The course is suitable for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge and start using their kitchen skillfully.

Original gift experience for: man, woman, couples, families, friends.

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