12 gift ideas that promise to win every Leo’s heart

Leos – the kings and queens of the zodiac! They are confident, brave and ambitious. They are everything but ordinary! „I want“ is their motto and quite logically, they manage to achieve everything they desire. With their fiery nature and determination, Leos unapologetically make their way and show up as true leaders. Of course, they would never accept anything less than everything. A Leo’s expectations are high and this is why finding a present that will impress them is definitely not easy. We are up for the challenge though – so here are some gift ideas that promise to win every Leo’s heart! 

As already mentioned, Leos were born leaders. Their mission in life is to guide and to provide protection. This is why we are directly putting them in the cockpit of the Cessna 152 airplane and leaving it all in their hands! The piloting lesson is ideal for the ambitious Leos, whose trust in their own capabilities is enormous – just as it befits every true pilot! 

The confidence that Leos have in themselves makes them quite brave and determined. You will never see fear or hesitation in their eyes – even in the face of danger, they remain unshakeable. This tandem parachute jump from 3500 m. height and a free fall with a speed of 240 km/h would not scare them either, but it will definitely gift them an experience of a lifetime, which will saturate all of their senses with the feeling of freedom.

Apart from being strong and decisive, Leos also have a softer side, which they only show to their dearest ones. When they are in love, they are extremely dedicated and of course, they expect the same in return! Surprises and kind gestures definitely flatter them and make them feel important and appreciated. The romantic sailing and dinner on a yacht for two near Nessebar with no doubt will fascinate and melt the heart of every Leo. The true magic of a sunset can be felt namely here – by the sea, on a warm summer night, with the breeze of the sea and the light noise of the waves. 

And because Leos are renowned for being the royalties of the zodiac, we cannot help but send them to a special secret trip back in time – through the royal archives. An exclusive place inspired by the culture of the 19th century that successfully recreates the nuances of a royal era. And right between Stara planina and Sredna gora, amidst panoramic views at whichever direction you look, you will find Chateau Copsa and its romance for two, combined with the tranquility of the mountain, massages and last but not least: a retro carriage ride among the beauty of the vast vineyards around.

Another characteristic of Leos is that they like being the center of attention. They themselves carry a strong energy and wherever they go, they become an immediate magnet for almost everyone around. Therefore, it would be an absolute sin not to put them in the spotlight or more like – in front of the camera with a professional photo shoot. Because the Leo was just born to be a star! An equally glamorous experience is this SPA recharge around the thermal and aqua zone of the most modern SPA center in Bulgaria - Millennium SPA & Wellness Center. A delight both for the mind and the body, at the center of which sits the Leo.

Finally, we are offering some experiences just for the Leo women! They distinguish themselves from others not only with their innate charisma, but also with their perfectly maintained appearance. You will rarely meet a Leo woman, who is not taking care of herself. So, there is actually no one, who would appreciate this special facial ritual, the exclusive consultation with a professional make-up artist and the manicure, pedicure and nail therapy pack more than her.

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