Travel and weekend

"A man is a man when he is on the road!":  Penyo Penev once said. Travel is a passion, a breath of life. Travel is an emotion, dream, art and culture. Travel is the hobby that will never get boring. It will always charge you positively! Travel is the perfect gift for anyone - regardless of gender, age or interest. It is equally exciting for women and men, and children too! Of course, it is best to travel with friends, loved ones, family or colleagues. Travels bring a unique emotion, give a new perspective and enrich the mind and soul.

What kinds of vouchers for trips and weekends will you find on Gift Come True

Here you will find specially selected trips all over Bulgaria. Our vouchers will take you to big cities such as Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas and Stara Zagora, as well as to small picturesque towns. You can also choose from unique locations in Rila, Pirin, Rhodope mountains, Stara Planina, the Black Sea and many others.

Enjoy diverse and wonderful accommodations combined with hospitality, delicious food, unique scenery and memorable experiences. Any dreamer or adventurer looking for a new direction can relate to one of our journeys.

If you're a fan of the unknown, embark on one of our secret trips, whose destinations remain a secret until days before departure.

Combine Bulgarian nature's treasures with unforgettable horse riding or an off-road adventure with an ATV, or jeep. Rediscover your ancestors with a unique yurt overnight stay and archery. Conquer the water element of the Struma river, and then share the joy of overcoming challenges with friends in the comfort of an eco hotel by the river. Give (yourself) not just a trip, but an adventure!

What kind of vouchers for weekends and vacations will you find on Gift Come True

If you are more of a fan of relaxing while traveling, here you will find suitable destinations and activities for you as well. Indulge in culinary and wine tourism in a number of wineries throughout Bulgaria, which offer luxurious and cozy accommodation, unique tasting packages and spa treatments. Indulge in a truly relaxing travel experience. 

Treat a loved one to dinner and an overnight stay on a luxury yacht - an experience that they will certainly remember forever! Gift yourself relaxation at the foot of the most beautiful mountains in Bulgaria with unique spa centers that guarantee complete rest and restoration of mind and body.

Become one with the tranquility of village life, discover the pleasure of being one with nature, meet unique Bulgarians who have created a place for rest, with love and care!

Why give (yourself) a voucher for a trip

By choosing a voucher for traveling, you choose emotion, fun, an opportunity to expand your horizons, cultural enrichment and unforgettable memories! With our gift vouchers for a weekend for two or for friends and families, you can choose between numerous offers for short or longer holidays in the mountains, at the sea or in the city.

The variety of locations allows for flexibility and convenience when choosing a gift vouher. No matter where you choose to go, you'll find plenty of fun and a diversity of activities. From visits to museums, galleries and sights, to nature walks and fun on the beach.

Traveling is an opportunity to enjoy different tastes, sounds and aromas, meet new people and enrich your cultural knowledge.

Why choose a voucher for a trip or weekend getaway with Gift Come True

Our gift vouchers are a guaranteed way to make a loved one happy. With a diverse selection of accommodation throughout Bulgaria, trusted partners, interesting activities and delicious food, any destination you find here can become your next favorite spot. Enjoy the pleasure of choosing, discovering and having fun - with Gift Come True!