Extreme sports and adventures

If you know a person who is looking for new challenges, extreme sports and adventures full of adrenaline are the perfect gift! Here you will find a diverse selection of vouchers for experiences that will satisfy every adventurous spirit ! Make your loved one's holiday special, gift them an unforgettable memory!

What kinds of extreme experiences and adventures will you find in Gift Come True

For fans of cars and high speeds, we offer ATV, sports car driving and 4x4 jeep off-road experiences. Which vehicle you choose is entirely up to you.

James Bond-like is the Lotus Elise - the legendary English sports car - fast, expensive and high-tech…

Quite different experience brings the Blue Bird All American: a bus built in 1948, whose All American models range from luxury campers to law enforcement buses. Are you ready to take it off-road? Or will you discover the magic of the Rhodopes in a Russian jeep safari? Immerse yourself in the irreplaceable emotion of shifting gears, super drift, or challenge yourself in vast terrains, through which only rugged machines and a brave spirit can pass!

Water adventures also bring a strong emotion. For lovers of the water element, we have prepared snorkeling, diving courses in the Black Sea and Greece, jetpack, canyoning, riverboard or surfing, as well as rafting on the turbulent waters of Struma. If you are looking for a more relaxed water experience, with a kayak or paddle board you can calmly enjoy the nature around you or hop on a yacht to welcome the sunset next to your loved one.

If extreme aerial adventures are your thing, jump boldly in a wide selection of experiences: bungee jumping , airplane piloting , gyrocopter and balloon flight, skydiving. These are just some of our offers, with which you can feel the adrenaline and test your courage.

More extreme experiences you will find here:

  • motorized hang glider flights
  • motor paraglider flight
  • snorkeling
  • a yacht ride
  • surf lessons
  • horseback riding
  • karting
  • snowmobiles

Why give (yourself) an extreme experience or an adventure

That feeling of thrill and adrenaline is not just limited to the experience you choose. Extreme sports and adventures create unique memories that last forever and inspire you to try even more.

Discover your brave side, step out of your comfort zone, or challenge your loved one to feel like never before with a voucher for an extreme experience or adventure!

Go together. When shared, extreme experiences bond - they are especially suitable for friends, couples, families, and in general for any man and woman who are ready to overcome their fears together.

Why choose a voucher for extreme experience or an adventure from Gift Come True

Regardless of whether you live in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Veliko Tarnovo or another city in Bulgaria, we have an extreme adventure that will satisfy your desire for strong emotions. What we offer is priced well and is executed with trusted partners.

Our specialized instructors and experienced pilots will ensure your safety so that you can fully enjoy the experience.

At Gift Come True, we believe that extreme adventure gift vouchers are more than just sport or fun - they make you feel alive, experience real emotions and leave you with unforgettable memories. Choose an extreme experience voucher today or a gift card to give the recipient the freedom to choose from all our experiences!