Gifts for men

Choosing a gift for the man you love can be a challenge, but with Gift Come True this process becomes easy and pleasant. With just a few clicks, you will find 500+ gift experiences to suit every man's taste: from extreme sports and crazy adventures, through trips and weekends throughout Bulgaria, to wine or whiskey and cigar tastings, dinners and tasting menus with exotic cuisine, creative workshops, photography lessons. Surprise a loved one, father, friend or colleague with an unforgettable emotion and a memory for a lifetime. Choose an experience!

What kinds of vouchers suitable for men can you find on Gift Come True

Looking for inspiration for an unusual gift for a man? Drop the material present, be different and give an experience - a gift that will be remembered for a long time. From sports and adventures, through culinary experiences, to exciting trips and weekends - you will find all these activities on this platform. 

For men who love sports and adventure, we offer a wide range of extreme experiences and adventures. Riding ATVs in the mud, diving and communicating with fish, off-roading on rough terrains, skydiving or bungee jumping, rafting, drifting, climbing and much more! Here you will find a wide selection of experiences to gift an emotion to every adventurer!

For travel lovers and men who like to get away from the city, we offer exciting trips all over Bulgaria. Give him the thrill of the unknown destination and challenge him with a "secret trip". Choose gastronomic tours of a village and immerse him in a unique atmosphere through the tasting of authentic Bulgarian dishes prepared according to old recipes.

Cigar and whisky tasting is a classic solution for any lover of this type of alcohol, with which you cannot go wrong. However, if he prefers the taste of the ancient gods’drink, wine, you can give him a voucher for an unforgettable tour with a special tasting in one of the picturesque wineries we offer, or immerse him in a wine journey in the very center of Sofia. Or how about a voucher for tasting interesting food? On our platform you can find many more tastings, including coffee and tea.

Need to come up with a gift for a man who is creative? Choose from our diverse creative workshops. Whether he wants to learn new painting techniques, try photography or create unique handmade items, here you will find suitable ideas for skills development and for creative relaxation.

Why choose a gift voucher from Gift Come True

Gift Come True is by your side so you can make a dream experience for your beloved man come true! With a choice of over 500 experiences, here you will find a perfect gift according to your interests and budget.

Our platform is conveniently organized to ease your browsing experience and facilitate your choice. You can search by category, filter by interest, and view each experience in detail. When you find the perfect gift, the buying process is quick and hassle-free. You can add a special message, and we will send you the voucher in the way you choose: online, packed in a stylish and sophisticated gift box or in a compact and beautiful gift envelope.

If you are not sure what to choose, you can always be safe with a gift card, with which your beloved man can choose from all 500+ offers and combine experiences. Don't worry if he doesn’t like the particular experience you've chosen. We offer the possibility of exchange within the validity of each voucher - 1 year.