Lotus Elise - Control. Speed. Adrenalin. 100km/h in less than 5 seconds.

The challenge of “burning” the tires of Lotus Elise – legendary English sport cars brand! They are fast, expensive and high tech. Absolutely guaranteed for to have a day full of looooooooads of adrenaline and English charm!

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Bread, love and wine… how to make artisan bread!

Try this extraordinary and delicious experience and share with your loved one the passion of making artisan bread. The magic scent of handmade bread, candles, wine and ... Your story.

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Under the sky of “Tuscany”. Picnic with wine tasting ...in the vineyards.

Enjoy a picnic among the endless vineyards with a three-step menu and a selection of 2 wines.

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Rhodope legends & mountain adventures for two in Gela

Tune in your senses to the magic of Rhodope mountains. Аuthentic fresh food, cosy interior and mountain adventures amidst magnificent nature!

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Royal experience: six-step wine tasting, gourmet dinner and a night to spend… in a castle.

Enjoy a luxurious Renaissance experience in one of the most famous Bulgarian family wineries!

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