Loving just because: 3 real extraordinary love stories of prominent individuals

Love is that one thing that can make you turn the whole world upside down, go around it a hundred times, wander it over, move to the other side of it, without a second thought, break it into pieces and then rebuild it all over again… Dying, then being born again, leaving, then coming back, beginning, then ending, forgetting, then remembering, becoming the best version of yourself and the worst… just because you love. Today we are transporting you exactly to this crazy and unpredictable world of love: we are blowing your mind with three extraordinary love stories.

Coco Chanel and Arthur Capel

Behind every successful woman stands a man’s love. This is what the story of Coco Chanel and Arthur Capel is all about. Actually, when they first meet each other, she is in a relationship with a French aristocrat, but she is not happy at all. Both she and Arthur are strongly attracted to each other and gradually, he turns into much more than just her lover. He encourages her and helps her build recognition as a designer, even proudly wears clothes made by her. Coco herself defines him as “the biggest gift fate ever made her”, although she is completely aware that he was never faithful. Their relationship lasts for nine years, after which Arthur Capel gets married to another. However, his affair with Coco continues until his death. It is claimed that she created the legendary Chanel №5 with the idea to keep the memory of him, because, even though he broke her heart marrying another woman, he remained the love of her life and the man that greatly contributed for her to turn into the icon we know today.

Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier

The year is 1955. The American actress and Oscar winner, Grace Kelly, arrives in Cannes for the annual film festival. The Editor-in-Chief of the prestigious Paris Match magazine manages to arrange an interview with her - and to make things even more interesting, he also invites Prince Rainier for a joint photo session. And no – this is not a story for love of first sight, because at the time, nothing actually happens between them! Grace Kelly even goes back to America, forgetting about her work commitments in Cannes. However, not long after that, she receives a surprising letter from Prince Rainier, who thanks her for being nice to him during the photo session. And just like that, between the two of them begins a secret correspondence continuing for half an year, until finally Prince Rainier flies to America with an engagement ring! Their marriage lasts for good 26 years until Grace Kelly loses her life in a car crash… Prince Rainier never gets married again. When he passes away years later, he is buried next to Grace in the tomb in the same church, where 50 years earlier the two of them promised to each other to stay together… until death does them apart.

Peyo Yavorov and Lora Karavelova

This is a story about that type of love that is more like madness. A love that is passionate, but at the same time complicated, tragic and fatal. The prominent Bulgarian poet Peyo Yavorov meets Lora at a mountain touring around the Dragalevtsi Monastery during the summer of 1906. He is attracted to her unwavering character and well-expressed individuality. A couple of years later they get married, sadly though, their family life lasts only 436 days. It is marked by painful jealousy on Lora’s end and relentless quarrels. After another of their scenes, Lora takes Yavorov’s pistol and shoots herself in the chest. Absolutely shocked and terrified, he also does a suicide attempt. However, by taking a shot at his temple, he goes blind… Yet, this is not the worst. Although all evidence shows that Lora committed a suicide, the media imposes upon society the opinion that Yavorov killed her. Defamed, repudiated and humiliated, Yavorov sinks in desperation. In such state of mind, a year after Lora’s death, he does a second suicide attempt: this time successful. In the letter he leaves prior to his death, he writes: “My dearest Lora ended her life herself. I am coming after her”.

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