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Season 2. Chapter three

In the series of sea adventures, after the divers and kayakers we will now tell you about the thrill of having and/or operating a yacht or just enjoying the wind and the waves.

Dimitar Georgiev

"When I drift on the waves and the wind blows the sails, in an instant it seems as if all the problems caused by the dynamic life in the big city disappear." Dimitar, who sails with a sailing catamaran Hobie Cat 18 - racing class on Iskar Dam, told us. Here is what else Mitko told us about his passion for sailing.

From an early age, standing on the beach, staring at the horizon, I watched with admiration the passing fishing boats, each taking in a direction unknown to me and the large ships creeping far into the vast expanse of the sea. Yachts with colorful sails raced headlong in the wind, and fishing boats returning to port were accompanied by flocks of seagulls. I used to imagine myself somewhere in the sea behind the wheel of a boat.

Gift Come True - Димитър Георгиев

I remember my first voyages with a homemade catamaran, with which we crossed the bay of Chernomorets. Though too slow, but with red sails, it swayed proudly on the waves. The summer after that we sailed the distance from Sunny Beach to camping "Garden" and back with a better catamaran. I felt the wind in the sails. I like timelessness - blue water around you, the sun shining on the waves, somewhere in the distance you can see the shore. You are carried by the wind, you enjoy the peace and quiet! Being at sea is very nice! After a while I was lucky enough to get on a bigger sailing yacht, to go around new places. To sail in different seas, discovering new bays and islands following the course of famous sailors, driven perhaps by the same wind, the same aspiration for new seas and oceans. When I think about all this, my heart trembles, I feel the wind in my hair, my eyes look for the sea, I hear the lapping of the waves. This may be the magic that draws me to the sea all the time.


Danail Dobrev

Gift Come True - Данаил Добрев "There are three kinds of people - living, dead and those who travel by sea." Anacharsis

Danail has been involved in yacht tourism for years. See what he told us:

Everyone must find the meaning of their existence and happiness on their own. I came to the conclusion that happiness is not in the money that makes people go to work abroad. Happiness is not in the seemingly settled and peaceful life in foreign countries, where we easily lose our identity. I believe that happiness comes first in a healthy and loving family. Having that, a person is calm to create and develop. Secondly, everyone must find that thing in life that draws him, fills him and brings him satisfaction and pleasure.

At the age of 38 I bought my first boat and went into the sea alone. The feeling was indescribable. I realized that I had found myself and the hobby of my life. Everything then settled on its own. I bought my first sailing yacht and part of the company's activity shifted to yacht tourism. Since then, the sea has filled me with life and charged me with positive energy. Working as a skipper on a yacht, I reached the dream of many people to associate work with pleasure.

Gift Come True - Данаил Добрев

To our future clients I can say the following: romantic, exciting, luxurious, comfortable - these are just some of the words that can describe sailing a yacht. We are expecting you!

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