Escape the city (by staying in it, or moving around a bit)

11 city secrets worth finding spare time for.

We love our city but we’re realistic enough to consider two things:

  • This pandemic has brought the desire to just move and go. Anywhere really.
  • November can be pretty grey in the city so we do understand your desire from bullet #1

Weekends can be hard and long. And yet we’re here, in Sofia. That’s why we’re sharing some ideas that fight November boredom and greyness and offer 11 different experiences that you have to try, at least once. The order is quite random, feel free to rank them according yo your liking:


This is probably your first time hearing about “Romantic cowboy cinema”. This does exist and it’s comprised of hay, big screen, horses and a short trip outside of town. Put on some warm clothes for the ride, and the screening and indulge in a very different movie night.


Feel the breeze in a bizzare machine called gyrocopter. The shooting angles are wild and so is the adrenaline that this helicopter-like experience will bring.


Holidays coming up! In case you haven’t been able to build up enough material throughout the year to brag in front of your family about, this knowledge will come in handy: become an expert in bubbly wines, or if you’re a fan of the classics, indulge in a nice introductory wine course.


Often seemingly easy tasks are the most difficult ones. Still not convinced? Try to prepare a pizza Maragherita! This course goes nicely with experience from idea 2, since preparing the dough includes indulging in a glass of wine!


Grey and cold days call for warmth for the body and soul. Why not try the whiskey tasting sessions with an expert, also available online, in case home style is your thing.


Dull Friday? Go for a shooting lesson or even drag a partner into this challenge. All safety measures ensured.


Get off the couch, turn off Netflix and jump into a wild city quest – mysteries, ancient secrets, underground labyrinths await right behind the corner.


Save yourself from the city hassle in the most innovative SPA center in Bulgaria. Indulge in a few rejuvenating hours spent well.


Missing your summer holidays? And the Mediterranean magic of food? We have a solution for you! Have a mouth-watering Mediterranean experience in the heart of Sofia or even in the comfort of your home.


If non-standart is the escape you’re looking for, try out our flotation! Bet you’ll look at space and time in a different way after it.


Wake your senses and experience the city like you’ve never done before! A city sensory experience is a must-try when it comes to escaping the city while being in the city!

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