Breaking the stereotypes for St. Valentine. Ideas from all over the world – Bulgarian style

St. Valentine. Presents. Roses. Sweet moments together. With one word “boredom”, big one. Have you ever seen insecure young men with teddy bear under their arm or pink balloons in shape of heart? And you say to yourself: “Ah… this is… so sweet… and little pathetic”. Well, we agree with that. See what we found, while we were wondering how to break the stereotype for 14th February, with love:

Hot emotions at the thermal springs in Iceland

The idea came to a couple from Germany (actually it came from the man), who decided to mix some “stereotypical” presents in one. Hot tub, nature and… champagne (where are we without the champagne). 

Iceland is far, that is true. But in Bulgaria we have great thermal springs, wine and nature also. And the combination of these three things makes the trivial original. Why not spa, but simpler. Massage for couples? Why not.

A… non-flower/flowerless bouquet

,,You said without flowers.“ The original idea comes from the one and only… Ashton Kutcher. He gives a bouquet of carrots to his partner in the movie “No strings attached” – Natalie Portman. It’s original and healthy for vegetarians.

A tasty upgrade would be a fruits bouquet, chocolate and French macarons. We can allow this sweetness once in a while.

A dog walk in the Norwegian woods


4 or 8 dogs (if we are heavier) will drag us when they run with their tongues out. A “typical” date for St. Valentine’s for our paler and blonder Scandinavian friends.

What about us? Since the ruling of Kubrat we have… horses. In the nature, in the snow, with our loved one…


 Honestly, we can write more about original gifts (and not so original ones), but we will save that for now. If you have symptoms of romantic lack of ideas you can take inspiration from some of our offers.

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