Bucket list: 50 outdoor experiences to try at least once in your life

Everyone has made a short bucket list. But most often this list is just a thought. Just a thing or two that we want to do. Mostly because we don’t want to think much of how short life actually is.

That’s why we’d rather have “in this life I will…” list. We need to make such promises to ourselves, because often fear makes our days monotonous. But there is nothing more frightening than monotony, is it?

We decided to improvise and make a sample list of outdoor experiences (because you probably know all the cafes, bars and restaurants in the city by heart, just like us). And we leave it up to you to cross out everything you've done already.


In Gift Come True you can satisfy your adventure lust with:

Bucket List

Choose from:


Bucket List

Book now:

Bucket list

Adventures are waiting for you:

Bucket list

Don’t postpone again:

Bucket list

Follow your dreams:

Bucket List

Cross something out of the list:

And don't forget - this bucket list shouldn’t be like the New Year's promises we never keep. It is more like a shopping list - urgent. Let’s try to take the most of our life… just now.

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