Do you know where it neither rains nor the sun shines?

Whether you are looking for higher temperatures at sea or hiding from the sun in the mountains, you will have a great time!

Ah, summer, summer! Wait a second..where is the summer? No, for real, where is it?! It’s June and we are this close to going out on the streets (with a raincoat, ofcourse) and start yelling “WHERE!IS!THE!SUMMER!”But wait! Is this… the sun? This almost forgotten nature’s phenomena. We shut our eyes with faces towards the sun and what is this? Ah, yes, a cloud, everything is right back to normal.

Sounds familiar, right? This is the life we’re living in the last few months, going out in our winter coats, underneath we’ve put a swimsuit and in our backpack an inflatable canoe just in case. We should be asking you on which beach you are going to spend the upcoming weekend but let’s be honest. With this weather we can’t be asking such questions. Luckily we have more than 400 ideas for adventures covering the scope of all climate conditions. Well let’s look at a few of them.

But before that we have to mention that it’s gemini season after all. Well, what can we expect from a gemini after all? Of course the two extreme opposites of everything. And let us remind you that despite their craziness we still love them, don’t we. We bet you, you know at least a few geminis who bring a smile to your face. We got it right, didn’t we? Wee that means one thing and one thing only - birthday parties! And for you - presents. Let them dive head first, the gemini loves weird gifts.

Now that we’ve mentioned diving, suddenly we can feel a bit of hope that maybe it will be warm and we will have a chance to go sunbathing in june. After all hope is the last thing to die. We cannot deny it any further - we want to go to the seaside. It’s just stronger than us. Yes, we want to lay on the beach, to drink cocktails, to wear our summer clothes and.. We want summer. It’s always warmer at the beach. We repeat the last sentence as a mantra and hope it’s true.

Okay, what if the temperature goes up? How much time can we handle it before we start whining about “this is too much, I can’t take it”? Ah yes, there is no such thing as absolute happiness. And then we remember the forgotten mountains. The place where we can hide in the shadows , we can breathe fresh air and get lost in the green hug of the forest. A great location for adventure and deep zen. We can ride horses or an ATV, practise new sports such as kayaking. I mean, we can also just chill, we don’t have to be extreme.

And if we’re tired of trying to find the perfect temperature - we stay in the city and that’s that. We will look for salvation wherever we already are and let whatever happens happen, we think this might be best. Well it’s not that bad. We can chill in the city and we don’t even have to think about the weather. It could even be fun and pleasant - with our dear friend Drago, the best cocktail master from Public bar. Or just go out on the streets with a mission.

Do you know where it doesn’t rain and the sun doesn’t shine? At the spa. Aha, we said it, we give up.

After all, we recommend not to be so affected by the weather, the rain, or the polar bears in june. It’s much more important who you’re with, for everything else we’re here for you. Have a look at our offers, we promise - Gift Come True is big and salvation is everywhere.

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