Does the perfect Christmas gift even exist?

Gifts. People like giving presents and they like receiving presents. Gifts are a gesture of care and they evoke emotions. Christmas season is around the corner and we’re all set for a gift rush to make our loved ones happy. Christmas is all about the emotion.

Women claim that men are extremely difficult when it comes to presents. For men, choosing a gift for a female is mission impossible. That is why we’ve decided to share with you some cool ideas for cooler presents…for males and females alike. No discrimination, of course.

подаръци под коледна елха

For ladies

You ask her, you research her interests and boom, you’ve got your gift ready. No surprise. However, playing safe is not always an option. Ladies are quick and they rarely leave what they got their eyes on for “later.” It’s safe to buy her favorite perfume. It’s way COOLER to surprise her with a workshop to make her own perfume from scratch. A bag is a necessity for every woman but is a hard item to choose for a gift. Women are picky. That’s why gifting her with a voucher for a luxurious personalized bag is a better option. She can choose her own model, the fabric and the color. She may love taking photos, so a camera? Or maybe a professional photoshoot to make her feel like a real model. Art ladies may the gift of a pencil portrait. What about something even artsier? You can experience together the drawing of a painting over a glass of wine! If the kitchen is her “temple,” don’t give her spoons and knifes, allow her to unleash her culinary spirit in a cooking class: to learn new things while having fun. Ladies also love pampering. Let’s face it though: a personal jacuzzi is a bit expensive. A better option may be to let them indulge in a relaxing Spa therapy. Every woman likes quality cosmetics but here, we would avoid any specific suggestions since it’s a matter of personal choice. We’d like to conclude with the thought that traditional material gifts are okay, but will they bring as much joy as a gift experience?

отваряне на коледни подаръци

For gents

The razor is a cliché. And how many men use that anyways?! Forget about it. Imagine giving him a special Playboy edition? Why special? Cause it’s a magazine from his birth month and year! Watches are also banal, but a stylish and quality one will do the work. A “cool” top, belt, or wallet? Sounds a bit boring, doesn’t it? You need something better! If he’s a thrill-seeker, he’ll definitely enjoy a flight training course. Fan of “Fast and Furious”? Give him the gift of driving the fine Lotus Elise. If you can’t afford to buy him a motorcycle, and he’s crazy about them, he’ll definitely fall for the Enduro experience. An album of his favorite band is okay but how about him choosing his favourite music adventure? Bottle of fine whiskey and cigars are traditionally good presents. Adding the note of experience to it will make them better, so why not try with a tasting experience? If it’s about your loved one, surprise him with an evening of Rhodope Legends rather than the dull classical hotel stay. And in case nothing we’ve listed caught you eye, you can dive into the variety of other options which we have in the Men section.

At the end of the day, we’ve learned the following:

Choosing a gift for a lady or a gentleman can surely be tough, but is also a fun experience. Speaking of experiences, we at Gift Come True believe that the enliven gifts carry the longer-lasting Christmas emotions and holiday memories. Isn’t that the goal of gifting anyways?

Happy Holidays and… here's to the Xmas Feels, right?

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