Go on an adventure with the four elements

Fire, Earth, Water or Air - each person carries a special element, and in fact we all carry a little bit of each. We are sure that while reading this immediately a small voice rises in you and loudly calls out one of the four elements! Well, yes, we’re a mixture of all of them, but there's always one that prevails, right? We can give you an example straight away, a scenario that each of us has encountered. Close your eyes and imagine a warm summer day. The sun is shining, and you are on the beach getting a tan? Or are you hiding in the shade of the woods? Yes, people really are different. The irony is that those who want to hang out near the sea all day and those who want to sit in the thick forest shade are usually tied together and can't decide on what to do with their vacation. We at Gift Come True have a solution on how to avoid this situation. We have prepared a detailed description of each type of person in relation to the prevailing element in them and we will offer the perfect experiences for each type. Stay with us until the end, where we will tell a little more about… The fifth element!


Well, in fact, these people always come in twos. A person of fire cannot burn alone. After all, what brighter and hotter flame than love? And when we are two we shine the strongest, don't we? The fiery element affects our every emotion, impulse and feeling. Every human touch brings a bit of a spark. The man of fire is characterized by his warmth and his embracing nature. When there are two of them, they are always looking for comfort and dream of a place where they can be close to each other so that they can dance around like two playful flames. What will we offer them? Exactly this.

They can light their fire here or here. And why not scatter the sparks in a sea of ​​emotions? Or to encapsulate a little heat and pamper their senses? We can offer them all this and much more!


Ah, the sea and the water! The person with a strong water element easily connects with his subconscious and intuition. When they are in the water, they see, hear and feel themselves. This person loves the free feeling of the waves, the wet drops on the skin and the distant horizon. They don’t like land, shade and concrete. They dive into the extreme, just like they dive in life - headfirst. At the same time, this person keeps and values ​​the balance and knows how to go with the flow. 

 We have selected the perfect experiences for him - a mix of the adrenaline of the stormy waves and the tranquillity of a boat trip in calm waters.


Air is the breath of life, the only thing we can't do without. Thanks to the air element, we manage to remove the boundary between our inner and outer nature. This person is a catalyst, thanks to whom we gain the ability to understand others and merge with the world around us. They are just ethereal, they carry themselves lightly. Needless to say, a person with an enhanced air element loves freedom. No, rather they are freedom itself. 

 You can't catch them, hold them, or put them in a frame, just as you can't catch the wind in your hands. We are ready to “launch” them in the sky, where they feel best.


The Earth element makes us more resilient, it is our connection to the world and the centre of our every step. The earthly person is strong, stable and calm. The earth gives him the strength to hold out in difficult and turbulent times. Therefore, he prefers the mountains, the forest, the deep shade and the soft soil. However, this does not mean that he maintains peace and quiet. Exactly the opposite! He is able to be calm even in the most difficult situations. 

 We have prepared several quests for these people to see if they will hold their ground!

The fifth element

What is the Fifth Element? It is the invisible matter, the mysticism, the spiritual. It is the way inward and the journey of the soul beyond. In fact, we are not entirely sure what it is, but we know that it contains mysticism, spirituality, creation and love. The person who possesses this element is deeply centred within himself. He loves to travel to his own depths and easily finds balance. If you carry the Fifth Element in you, we have selected the perfect experiences for you!

Fire, Earth, Water, Air or even Ether, and why not a combination of all the elements - we have thought of each of you. We guarantee that you will find the perfect experience among our offers. And you already know how to choose it, right?

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