I Love You, Mom: 5 Cards and 5 Gift Ideas for Moms (Not Only for 8th March)

Every year, around each of mom’s special days, we regret the small mistakes we make. And then?! We repeat them and she forgives us again. Simply because she loves us. This year we want to apologize for at least five "sins" to mom. But we have also thought about how to make her happy: with 5 different gift-experiences that will surely make her smile. And she will forgive our "sins" again.

We admit that some of the ideas are for two. It can be a gift for mom and dad, but also a great opportunity to be together just the two of you - what better gift than that?!

 Choose your favorite card and give with love

Gift #1: Gourmet Tasting

Mom will always welcome you at home with delicious food prepared with a lot of love and care. It's time for you to think about her when you take her out to dinner. Take her to a classy restaurant for a gourmet tasting such as:

Five-course menu for two by chef Sevda Dimitrova or a Mediterranean culinary journey in the center of Sofia

And if your mother is a connoisseur of good wine, take her to a wine tasting with 5 Italian wines and a five-course menu. Or give her a voucher for the unforgettable sky of "Tuscany": a picnic with wine tasting among the vineyards for two in the village of Ustina, an experience you will have to be patient for – but spring is coming and our vouchers are valid for one year.

Or take a challenge – a culinary course of your choice, after which you will have the opportunity to personally see the new skills that mom has acquired. 😊


Gift #2: SPA Sensations

Your mother is a hero on many fronts all at once. She deserves time for herself, too. We have an offer that we are not sure you will like: you clean the house and your mom gets a voucher for a massage and/or a SPA treatment. Even if you worry about the first part, you can't go wrong with the second. Think about what mom would like and choose one (or more) of our beauty treatments:

Facial SPA therapy for ladies – a 4 in 1 therapy, which is a real SPA treat for the skin and the soul; The Whimsical Queen SPA Ritual because your mother deserves to feel like a queen.

Or a real Health package – Holistic massage with Dr. Bach's flower essences and stay in a salt room


Gift #3: Bouquet of Emotions (Roses, Tulips, Photography, Chocolate)

Giving a flower to your mother always has its charm – it is no coincidence that it is a classic one. But there is more than one way to show tenderness with a bouquet without being boring:

Tulips or Roses in a Box

Give a bouquet of 7 or 15 Ecuadorian roses, served in an elegant box, reminiscent of Parisian hat boxes from the IXX century. This gift can be complemented with a handwritten card. You know your mom's favorite color, but do you know what it symbolizes?

White roses are associated with innocence and spirituality. They are a symbol of chastity and perfection.

Red is the choice when you want to say "I love you".

In the Victorian era, the yellow rose was mainly associated with jealousy, but today the yellow color is a symbol of wisdom and friendship. Serving a bouquet of yellow roses says "Thank you".

The pink color of roses is not just romance and tenderness. Light pink means sympathy and friendship, while roses in dark pink are a sign of gratitude.

Or just give a spring mood in mom's home with a small luxury box of 13-18 tulips or a bigger one for even more excitement with 35-40 tulips.

And who says that your bouquet should be made of flowers?!

Aromatic Bouquet with Taste (Literally!)

Here's a way to show originality: not a bouquet, but a fantasy with taste and aroma. Extravagant, exquisite and especially delicious. Made with a lot of love from dried fruits, French pasta and chocolate.

Author's Photography in a Collection of Flowers

The bouquet that will adorn your home forever… just like your love for your mom. The photos are the work of Dilyan Markov himself, one of the leading contemporary fashion and advertising photographers in Bulgaria. They are placed in a passe-partout and a custom wooden frame… because every detail is important.


Gift #4: Fragrances for the spirit of the home or delight for the palate for the more practical

Personalized scented candles with the initials or your mother's name are a simple but memorable gift. Imagine how many stories you can tell under the scent of delicate aromas

You can choose a set of 4 fragrances, each of which has a cotton wick and a burning time of up to 60 hours:

Rose: A blooming rose garden in the spring.

Lavender: with a base note of lavender and shades of various herbs. Lavender field on a beautiful summer day. Perfume notes of rosemary, forest moss and mandarin complement the feeling of purity that exudes from the candle.

Black vanilla: a real gourmet temptation with a warm aroma of dark vanilla, sweet caramel and juicy pear. Contains essential oil "Peru Balm", known for its healing and soothing benefits.

Sandalwood: The magic of sandalwood and cedar leaves with properties and natural repellent.

Fig Leaves: scent of fresh fig leaves and sweet fig fruit. Eucalyptus essential oil is added to the perfume composition, which purifies the air and refreshes the spirit.

Neroli: an irresistible floral scent with citrus notes, reminiscent of spring and summer, when everything is full of life.

Moon Flower: an intoxicating combination of ylang-ylang, powdery notes with a bouquet of rose, mimosa and violets. Cedar essential oil is added to the perfume composition.

Violet: Irresistible aroma of forest violets, combined with the fresh scent of freshly picked raspberries and candy sweetness.

Underwood: A mystical intoxicating scent, carrying the moist scent of wood, earth and rain, combined with the freshness of rhubarb and grapefruit.

Sun Garden: A fragrance that combines the citrus freshness of lemon and lime, sun peonies, blackcurrants and basil. The scented candle contains essential oil of yellow mandarin, which lifts and refreshes the spirit.

Fortune Cookie: The sweet perfume recipe develops with delicate tops of almonds, butter and milk to reveal a heart of salted caramel and cinnamon. The aroma is based on notes of musk, vanilla and tonka bean.

And for the more practical mothers, we offer you a choice between baskets with organic beef products from Betty and Nikki's Wild Farm. You remember, don't you, the wonderful family - mentors of the participants in the TV show – The FARM?


Gift #5: Together With Mom on a Trip – a Little Time Just for You. For Unforgettable Memories

Undoubtedly, this is our favorite proposal, because you know for sure that your mother will be the happiest of the time spent with you. Share the moment, listen to her, give her wonderful memories.

Romance for two - rural gourmet, local wines, nomadic riding along the Devetashko plateau or Vitality SPA days in Katarino, or a SPA getaway in the unique Belchin Garden are just some of the suggestions to choose from.

And again - our vouchers are valid for a whole year to make sure that your gift will become an invaluable series of moments. Don't wait up! 


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