I want to spend time with you!


(I want to spend time with you -)...This is the only thing we want to hear at the end of a long day. And while extreme experiences help us overcome almost all our fears, the biggest remains - whether we spend enough time with our loved ones.

By unwritten law, from Monday to Friday, we work only, and Saturday and Sunday we are more likely to just exist because we think that there is nothing much to do for one weekend. Well, there is!

Here are our suggestions for weekend experiences in Sofia for two:

Bake an artisan bread


Some of us take cooking only as an obligation, which makes a few hours of our lives a daily torture. Others make a pleasure out of it and even a hobby, they keep recipes, create their own, and regularly look at cooking classes, hoping to have time for them.

If you recognize yourself in the second description, we suggest the following: bake an artisan bread with yeast by hand and enjoy it with a glass of wine and cheese from Bulgarian farms.

Mm-hmm, do you smell fresh baked bread already. See more here.

Draw like a professional

Usually when we have a brush in hands with our loved one, we ... repaint at home. And not that this is not romantic in its own funny way, but we will offer you something more appropriate for a Friday night out.
We invite you to a creative experience in which as you draw you will learn the remarkable history of one of the famous artists: Rene Magritte, Salvador Dali, Amedeo Modigliani, Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, etc., while enjoying wine and music from their countries. And the best part is that you don't need to be able to create art, just be a fan of it.  

Every Friday, 19.00.


Learn Italian...not literally

Italians are said to gesture almost as much as they speak. You can't learn their language for one weekend, but when you try their authentic cuisine, you'll instantly learn to say "Mmmm ..." or "Gorgeous!" With just gestures. And despite all roads lead to Rome, you can also enjoy this taste in the center of Sofia.

Enjoy a four-course menu and wine tasting, selected for each of your dishes, along with your significant other: spinach salad, grilled squid, tagliatelle with arugula and shrimp pesto and chocolate dessert.

Go to Italy: https://en.giftcometrue.com/collections/for-couples/products/buongiorno-italia-four-course-delights-sofia

Hit the Bullseye

We think you’ve hit the bullseye by having your other half by your side. That’s why our final weekend idea is for couples that are not afraid to challenge each other. You will practise your self-control, accuracy and confidence. And while a dart at your favourite venue would also give you great emotions, we offer you something a little more exciting...

You are welcome to a shooting lesson! Each of you will have 50 rounds of different caliber to attack the target.

And we promise that shooting is more romantic to you than you imagine: https://en.giftcometrue.com/products/the-challenge-shooting-for-couples

We wish you a thrilling weekend and remember that there is always time for your loved ones. 😊 


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