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Jump into our autumn palette of experiences

Who said autumn is a boring season? We have enough examples to disprove it. We always manage to create an emotion in the gray, and this season is so colorful anyway! We have no choice but to continue enjoying life and dive into new adventures.

Gift Come True


Following the natural path of the water, you will enjoy the nature around you in a whole new way! The combination of abseiling, falling water and jumping into a pond under the waterfall will transport you to a different water world that you will fall in love with!


Hang glider fligh

Look at the world from above. Sit comfortably and enjoy a charming "walk" - an unforgettable emotion and a memory for a lifetime. A suitable experience for beginners in extreme sports, which will allow you to maintain your sense of comfort while wandering through new horizons!



Parachuting is a form of free fall and 100% adrenaline in the complete absence of gravity! Release control and immerse yourself in a unique experience that you will surely remember forever. Keep reading to hear what the veterans have to say about a reality in which even a person can fly!


Jeep safari

If you want to stay on the ground (as a part of our team does) We have prepared a way to indulge in extremism without flying. The jeep safari is a great experience for adrenaline lovers, especially in the autumn season. And if you want to raise the bar even more, we recommend trying ATV


Bungee jump in tandem or bungee jump solo

For true lovers of extreme experiences, for those of you who are really ready to overcome your own barriers and just jump into the unknown! Bungee jumping is a perfect afternoon activity for an ordinary autumn day. Or at least our partner Velislav Maldzhiev claims so. Keep reading and you will understand what we mean!


Alpine rappelling

We are already revealing what follows at the end of the article, but we must mention that our expert advises people who are not quite ready for bungee jumping to try a pendulum or a rappelling. Why? Well, so as not to let go of control at all, at least for a while longer. But this voucher for experience is not for people who are not ready for a truly extreme day. Yes, a whole day full of adrenaline. Bungee jumping, alpine rappelling, caving. For the brave, for the adventurers, for the people who cross the borders

And a special surprise for those of you who get excited when it comes to extreme sports. We promised! We talked to Velislav Maldzhiev about adrenaline and strong emotions. He has gained many years of experience in the world of extreme experiences and has countless stories, tips and recommendations. See what we talked about and choose the most suitable gift for the experience from our rich selection of over 400+ ideas for an original gift.

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