Recipes for perfect cocktails and balanced life: E1 of our brand new podcast

Hello and welcome to our… PODCAST! Well, yes, that's right, we made a podcast! After introducing some of our partners to you for the last two months, we thought it was a real pleasure to talk to them. We work with so many interesting people that we decided to show them to you

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Ep. 1

In our pilot episode we went to visit Dragomir Ivanov (or as we and half of Sofia know him - Drago) in Public Bar to talk about cocktails, nightlife and finally we talked about a lot more things. We laughed, had a few cocktails and generally had a great time. We learned a few things - how to cool glasses, how important is the balance in cocktails (and not only), whether the lime is crushed in Mojito, whether to enter an empty bar, how loud the music should be. If you want to know these and more bartending secrets, watch the video or listen to us on Spotify!

If you want to meet Drago in person, you can visit him and create some masterpiece cocktails.
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