Passport to Brazil: for the carnival in Rio, a cup of nice coffee and a getaway in the Amazon rainforests

Brazil is the sixth most populated and the fifth biggest country in the world, taking 47% of South America. Although it is often associated with the football game and the World Cup, which by the way, Brazil has won more times than any other country on the planet, this country has so much more to offer! From its amazing biodiversity, rainforests and divine beaches, to music, dancing and the lovely locals, who fascinate tourists with their cheerfulness and positive energy… This month our series “Passport to...” shows you around Brazil!

Life is a celebration

Every year, exactly 40 days before Easter, the streets of Rio de Janeiro come alive with captivating parades of music, dancing, vivid colours and creative passion. The cheerful Brazillian spirit rejoices under the rhytms of the samba during one of the most spectacular and amazing celebrations in the world – the Rio carnival! For four days, the processions of orchestras, dancers, artists and people ready to party are getting about the renowned coastal districts of Coppacabana, Ipanema and Leblon in an ongoing until the early morning hours fiesta. Its highlight takes place in the specially built for the carnival Sambadrome, where the best samba schools of Brazil make their long prepared show in front of the audience of overall 100 000 people! Even if you can’t be part of this wonderful celebration, you can still get a feel of it with the dancing lessons – pleasure for the body and the soul, the musical instrument lessons or with this unique day spent in the world of music. And, if you have a special occasion coming soon, surprise your guests with a truly unforgettable fire show – just as it suits the most spectacular celebrations!

Coffee means love 

Brazil is the biggest coffee manufacturer in the world, contributing to more than 1/3 of the overall world production. Coffee culture is so strong that in the Brazillian schools even the young students can buy themselves a cup of coffee. The history of this drink dates thousands of years back with a lot of different versions of who discovered it and how. The most popular one is about a man, who took his herd of goats to graze and noticed an unusual change in their behaviour everytime they ate the fruits of a strange plant. When the man tried it, he surprisingly felt more energized. He shared his discovery with some monks, who lived in a monastry nearby. The monks started collecting the fruits of the plant and preparing a decoction to keep themselves awake during their long night prayers. And just like that, from a simple monk decoction coffee is now one of the most popular drinks in the world! There are many ways you can enjoy it: with a tasting of the best of Dabov Academy or a tasting of the world’s most expensive coffee – Kopi Luwak, with the coffee subscription – at home or at the office. Or, why not with the professional course for espresso, cappucino and latte art making or with the delivery of 2 or 4 selected coffees?

The Amazon rainforests – the lungs of the planet

Brazil is one of the countries, which are home to one of the biggest rainforests on the planet – Amazonia! Formed 55 million years ago and located on the stream of the magnificent Amazon river, this astonishing ecosystem consists of 400 billion trees and is deservingly defined as the lungs of the planet, producing 20% of the oxygen that we breathe. Here, the biodiversity is richer than on any other place on Earth and leaves everyone, who has the luck to see it in awe. Because being around nature’s beauty is one of the most meaningful experiences that you can gift yourself! If you cannot go to Brazil, get a feel of the magic of Mother Nature here in Bulgaria. With the secret trip in the Balkan or in the magnificent Rila mountain, with the hike in the Devetaki plateau and the Krushuna waterfalls or in the canyon of the Vit river, or with the amble along the peaceful waters of the Veleka river among greenery and rich fauna. All those, who are not afraid to go on an adventure, we are taking kayaking, rafting or canyoning… or, on a jeep safari with lots of surprises.

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