Stay home: 5 fun and interesting things to do at home

Home. Your favorite place in the world.

And now digitalization also lets you “upgrade” your home and turn it into a movie theater, dance studio, bar, museum, whatever you want - with just one click - for as long as you want it.

Stay home and see that this is your castle where you can do anything.  :)

1.    Go to the cinema or theatre… online

 Stay Home Netflix

In fact, watching a movie or a theatrical production from the comfortable sofa at home has a lot of pros – you can talk without being criticized, you can lie down, stand on your head, on your belly, as you want, and you can be in the company of your pet.

Fortunately, there are dozens of platforms through which you can watch movies, series or theatrical performances against a modest monthly subscription: Netflix, HBO Go, Voyo, Digital Theater, and more.

2.    Take dancing lessons

 Stay Home Dancing

You know the moment when that insanely melodious song plays in your playlist and you want to dance in the rhythm as if you were Beyonce ... but you can't. You feel like a tree that is slightly swaying by the wind. Or worse, sways a lot, as if it is about to break.

We all want to start taking Latin dance, swing, modern ballet classes, but in most cases we either don't find the time or we are ashamed.

Now at home you will have time to enroll in an online dance academy, where no one will watch you while you are learning, but you will eventually show off to your friends with incredible moves. Or, if you just want to get active, you can watch some of the thousands of video tutorials on YouTube

3.    The bar is now at your home

If you can’t go to the bar, the bar will come to you. That's for sure.

Now is the time to learn how to make cocktails - the bartender never pours the exact amount of grenadine you want anyways, now you can make fun of him (by uploading a photo on Instagram, of course). It is surprising how easy it is for you to learn to prepare each of your favorite beverages - from frappe and lemonade to mojito.

There are millions of recipes on the web in all formats available, as well as some fun games to make you feel like a pro bartender. Just promise that you will make us one too. ;)

4.    Paint with a glass of wine… why not?

 Stay Home Paint

We all have at least pencils at home. Take out a piece of paper, pour yourself a glass of wine, and try to draw something close to you so you can easily see it from all angles in real life.

Again, there will be different online tutorials available, so don't worry about not having a teacher by your side.

If you liked it, you could repeat in a professional setting.

5.    Remember board games?

Stay Home Board Games

Dig up the old Monopoly with your loved one and remember how fun board games are. Platforms like Board Game Arena will show you a variety of different and new games, and you can play with your friends even from a distance. You can take Triviador out of the archive too - it's not exactly a board game, but you will learn some new things.

Watch out because it's very catchy. ;)


At you can still buy an online voucher for something you can enjoy at home. And remember – better times will come for sure and our amazing experiences will be waiting for you until then!

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