The summer tan lines that tell stories

приятели на плаж

My skin is so fair, it’s not fair!”

With this motto the holidaymakers pack up their suitcases in search of new adventures. Desperately seeking sunshine they all prepare the needed equipment. It is not limited to swimwear and flip flops, or some accessories and a return ticket, but also includes the compulsory sunscreen.
Since the 1920s when Coco Chanel created and imposed our modern understanding of fashion, to this day the pleasant summer tan is still a trend.

Nothing can tell the people around you how you spent the day or your week faster than the distinctive tan. It has the power to make them jealous, communicative or just curious. But keep in mind that every tan is unique and the sunburn is a big treat that hides behind the corner.

"I don’t need a sunscreen while it's cloudy," "I have some tan, I do not have to use any lotion," "It is only important to protect my face" - these are common words that often led to lobster revolution.

The end of a sun bath, of course, should not complete with an inflammable phase, but moderate exposure to rays is beneficial as it supplies the body with vitamin D and helps for better sleep, good mood and a healthy immune system. 


While we are still waiting for the best sunny days of summer, let's recall a quick list of tan lines that are “NOT RECOMMENDED” for different reasons: 

  • Sock tan - When temperatures are out of control and the heat becomes unbearable, the combination of socks and sandals is unthinkable unless you are a middle-aged Polish tourist. The vision of an ancient Roman suits everyone, and for this purpose, your favorite sandals are worn barefoot.деца на плаж
  • Driving tan - Professionals don’t just call it a tan, but a whole art installation (or performance). It occurs in different shapes depending on the reasons for it and the preferred daily clothing, but the lines are always well recognized. Just put that hand inside of the car, please!
  • Smartphone tan – often seen in those addicted to their mobile devices. It is a common truth that the endless scrolling in a sedentary position is not useful for either the mind or the body.
  • Villager tan - because the general opinion is that the bright vest outlines on your chest are rarely a reflection of your hard working lifestyle but a result of some other factors.


But how to get visible and cool tan lines quickly, the right way and at the right places? Tan lines that not only share happiness but also leave memories of great summer days?



  • "Kayak" tan

To get it, you only need a splendid view, a sea of ​​sparkling waves, a river with calm water ... and full professional equipment including a waterproof vest that will leave sweet body marks after completing this two-hour experience.  

Kayaking for two on the Veleka River / Karaagach River  




  • "Snorkel" tan

Snorkeling (Snorkel, Mask and Flippers) is an activity for everyone who likes to enjoy the underwater world, especially where sea life is flourishing. For 3 hours in Sozopol you will enjoy a talk about seafarers and a lesson on underwater diving and fish feeding . We tell you in secret that besides the unforgettable moments underwater, you will take away with you on ground a diving certificate, little souvenir and a beautiful tan which every raccoon would envy you.

Diving in Sozopol


  • "Adrenaline" tan

Helmet, gloves, trousers, Enduro bike with full tank fuel and some of the best instructors in Bulgaria ...If you’re a petrolhead, test your skills and endurance with one of the best motorbikes on some of the most extreme tracks in Bulgaria. You will experience ancient Roman roads and bridges, fortresses and nature reserves with wonderful landscapes. At the end of the action-packed day, a cold drink, some delicious dinner, and the fruits of your work is awaiting you - clearly reflected on your face.

Enduro experience for all



  • "Romantic" tan

It is a myth that you need to rest all day on your back or belly by the seaside to get some rest! Physical fatigue is often the result of a disturbed mental state. Share the peace, happiness, the sense of support and the love for nature and horses walking in meadows, flowering streams and the view of the mountain Rila, Verila and Vitosha mountains. You only need light clothes, a good mood and the beloved one beside you.

A horse ride for two in Kovachevtsi




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