The extreme – terribly fun or simply terrifying?

There are all kinds of people. For some, the extreme experiences are pure fun, while for others – a total nightmare. Probably because the huge adrenaline rush is not for everyone. But since the latter is part of our physiology, why not to take an advantage of all the emotions it would deliver? Besides them, there are also the memories that remain. And exciting memories for that matter. We can only envy those who find the extreme to be fun. They have either already consumed their portion of extreme fun, or they are yet to discover new horizons of this type of experience. With no fear. No panic. No hesitation. What about the I-want-it-so-bad-but-I-can’t-do-it type of people? No worries, we from Gift Come True believe the extreme has multiple dimensions, therefore you can find different type of experiences on our website – ones with different degrees of adrenaline. To satisfy all needs and tastes. And to provoke you. Are you ready?

Up in the air


We are starting from the top or more precisely the sky. Literally. For those not satisfied by grounded experiences, and who often look up to the sky, dreaming for some ‘aerial’ emotions. How does piloting a plane sound to you? No joke. You fly off, you drive, you have fun, and then you land. Sounds simple, but the feeling this experience brings is just ‘wow’! If you have already tried piloting a plane, we’ve got one more ‘exposed’ option for you – paraglider. Driving it makes you feel like a bird. You can even breathe the adrenaline while you rock the clouds. If you are looking for a more vertical down-the-Ferris-wheel-like feeling, but multiplied by 10? Then parachute jumping is your thing. You may jump without one, too, but by bungee – one fairly extreme choice - not for the faint of heart.

Mountain chills


We are landing. Almost. For one exciting canyoning - you will go through waterfalls, water slides, you will jump into water cups - and so on, while you go through the entire canyon! If you are not afraid from getting wet even more, the rafting in the fast waters of the Struma river in the Kresna gorge is one very refreshing and adrenaline rushing adventure. Another way to get closer to the waves of Struma is the kayaking, which is not exactly a ‘boat trip’ type of experience. It’s much more extreme and cool. Try and you shall find out. What about when the snow comes… what are you going to do then? Here’s what – winter emotions with walks around the Rila lakes as well as in the Rila and Pirin mountains themselves . Grab a snowmobile that will satisfy your thirst for freedom and natural beauty. 

Pedal to the metal


There are other ways to get extreme on the ground other than mountains and rivers. The adrenaline from high speeds is just as big. If not blood, but gasoline runs through your veins, and the torque charges you to the fullest, you should try Lotus Elise – a legendary British sport car, designed to deliver the ultimate driving experience. Are you bold enough to set its wheels on fire? Another adrenaline on wheels is the Enduro adventure for brave natures, with which you can test your skills and endurance with the latest bike models and the most extreme tracks.


atv състезание

We’ve also thought about the non-extreme persons hungry for extreme moments. At the end of the day, you should start from somewhere, right? Mountain biking on different routes and amazing views of Rila, Pirin and the Rhodopes, so you can enjoy the wild nature. If you are not too keen on spinning pedals, you can explore the Pirin beauty by horseback riding along picturesque paths. The off-road safari is another adventure that will bring you some mountain emotions injected with a dose of adrenaline. Wildly driving an ATV on a changing terrain is also a cool option. Aside from delivering some emotions on wheels, it also gives beautiful views. In motion.

Deadly puzzle

escape room

Sometimes the adrenaline stays captured… in a room. From which you must escape. Without dying. Not for real, though. And beware that if you take a step into the Escape Room there’s no turning back. The clock starts ticking… You need to overcome the tension and fear in order to escape. The thrills are guaranteed. As are the chills. If you like being intellectually and logically provoked, then the VR experience will also make your blood boil – you become a cyber detective, who has to get into the brain of a serial killer. Or you will investigate a crime that will raise the hairs on the back of your neck. Adrenaline and fear merged into one. Challenge yourself... if you dare.

It doesn’t matter whether you are one of the more or less extreme people. Our concierge, Petya, is always available to help you make the best choice for yourself. You can contact her for questions and reservations HERE.

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