Top 20 gift experiences for newlyweds. Who said weddings were out of fashion?

Love is in the air… not only on St. Valentine’s, but also during the summer, when wedding season starts! It’s clear that marriage is a big deal for the couple itself, but being invited to this special event is exciting and emotional in its own way, especially today when less and less people decide to take this step officially…  So, you’ve been invited to a wedding and now you’re debating “What gift should I make?”. Options vary from money in an envelope and pragmatic home appliances to something that’s meaningful and original, emotions and memories that will remain in time. And, because we are huge believers of the latter, we are presenting you a list of gift experiences, which will truly make your favourite newlyweds happy this summer!


Sea romance on a yacht

A dinner with a loved one amidst the waves and under the starry sky – this is an experience, with which the new family will live through the magic of some of the most romantic corners of the Black Sea! In Varna, a night stay on the luxurious yacht Bavaria 50 Vision complements the candlelight dinner, while in Balchik and Nesebar the romantic walk on the coast concludes with a sumptuous meal at sunset…

Luxurious holiday at the foot of Pirin

This experience is the ultimate luxurious SPA holiday in nature! The fresh air coming from the boron forests, the panoramic views towards the mountain, the comfort of the hotel apartments, the seclusion and the full relaxation that the thermal pools, the massages and the different therapies provide, bring pleasure to all senses and turn both the Ruskovets and the Katarino resort into couples’ favorite leisure spots!

A date like those in the movies

Maybe preserving these little dates and valuable time together even after marriage is the key to a long and happy relationship. Give the young couple the chance to preserve what they have even after the wedding– with this date in the ranch, where the movie “Rambo 5” with Sylvester Stallone was shot! A tour around the ranch, horseriding lessons, picnic in the peaceful nature and a screening of a favorite movie in the romantic cowboy cinema promise to create a truly unforgettable date!

A fire show for an amazing wedding

Surprise your favorite groom and bride with a unique present in the most important day of their lives! A spectacular fire show and a beautiful performance, which will bring even more life to the event and load it with the energy of fire! Because only the fire element can comapare to the power of love!

Retro romance in Chateau Copsa

In the Karlovo hollow, between the Balkan and Sredna gora, amidst endless vineyards and wonderful nature, the romantic castle winery Chateau Copsa is situated. An experience with a French aftertaste, which will take the newlyweds on a trip back in time to a long forgotten retro romance with its authentic atmosphere and a carriage tour among the beauty of the vineyards. You can gift it in three different ways: with a massage for two, wine tasting or wine tasting combined with a gourmet dinner!

The memories captured in photos

The smiles today are the amazing memories tomorrow! What a better gift for a young family than the opportunity to immortalize this amazing time of their lives, which they will be coming back to with a smile and a little nostalgia as time passes by… Our professional photographers Bilyana Atanasova and Lyubomir Lyubenov will capture the spontaneous, true emotions of the couple in order to create exceptional and moving shots for generations to come!

The secret trip

A mini secret honeymoon after the wedding celebrations – this can be a truly wonderful present for the newlyweds. It will take them to a surprising and unexpected location via secret letters with instructions including what to pack and how to get there, but keeping a secret where exactly they are going! The roads of the secret trip are leading to the magic of Rila, the pristine beaches of the northern Black Sea, a vintage experience in the wild nature, a small village in the Rhodopes or to a unique historic building, keeping the archives of the royal family.

SPA reward for two

Despite the fact that the wedding is an exciting and happy event, in reality it can actually be quite exhausting for the couple, with the whole organization taking months in advance. Gift your dearest groom and bride the chance to truly recharge by diving into the relaxing aromas of Thailand with some nice aroma baths and a traditional Thai massage, or into the hot Himalayas ritual with a bath, peeling, mask, massage and halotherapy for two. Or, why not spoil them with a personal SPA apartment and the thermal and aqua zone of the most modern SPA center in Bulgaria!

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