TOP ideas for memorable bachelor and bachelorette parties

If a close friend of yours is getting married, the planning of a spectacular bachelor or bachelorette party automatically becomes your major duty! This is the end of a whole life phase, so you need to put in some serious effort! You don’t have the right to fail because this only happens once (or, at least we all hope so). This is why it wouldn’t hurt to ask for a little help from the experts, who know a thing or two about creating unique emotions. So, here is our selection of top 5 experiences to include in your plan of a pre-wedding party, which will be remembered!


Rafting in white waters

This is a bachelor party in white waters, after which the later turbulences in marital life wouldn’t scare the groom even the slightest. Because you will have prepared him for it all, taking him down the longest rafting trail in Bulgaria – 12 km! Go after the challenges and unexpected surprises of the water element, which creates emotions like no other!

Shake, sip, laugh, repeat

At the bar of one of the most famous cocktail masters in Bulgaria the laughter, the fun and the unique cocktails are guaranteed! Dragomir Ivanov will lead this last bachelor hangover to prepare and mix for you different flavours as well as to leave you experiment and… taste. Cheers to the newlyweds!

Extreme off-road

Make the groom experience intense emotions: adrenaline rush, energy, excitement and electricity! An ATV adventure awaits you! It will take you around some amazing forest terrains and unique views. This is an experience, with which the bachelor life ends boldly and with no regrets!

3 meters underwater

If you are planning to celebrate the last bachelor days at the beach, this diving near Sozopol will take the whole experience to the next level! Dive into a unique underwater adventure amidst the beauty of the sea flora and fauna and rest assured that it will never be forgotten!


Excitement, activity, challenge and fun, strategy and adrenaline: all of this will become part of the last bachelor party with the paintball game! It will intensify the pre-wedding days with more emotions, making them even more exciting. The good thing here is the strengthening of relationships between everyone involved!


The ultimate delight

While the months before the wedding go easily for the groom, the bride is usually close to a breakdown, trying to organize everything and make it perfect… Become the creators of her oasis just before the big day! Indulge in a full repose in a luxury apartment in the thermal and aqua zone of the most modern spa center in Bulgaria!

Pole dance

For the bride, who knows how to have fun and is not afraid to express herself freely! Pole dance will fill her bachelorette party with a lot of energy and femininity. And the good thing is that it’s not necessary to come to the studio… you can pick the place where we will come and make the surprise for the bride even bigger!

Yacht party

Get ready for a memorable party at the luxurious yacht Bavaria 50 Vision! Champagne, music, a lot of fun and a theme of the party that you can choose yourselves. All of this with the infinity of the sea on the background… You can expect a truly unforgettable party for Her Majesty the bride and her inner circle!

An adventure around the corner

The bachelorette parties in the city can also be fun and memorable! We are proving our theory with this city quest, which will turn Sofia into a big escape room for you! This is an experience which will give an amazing (and original) start to your party. It’s especially fitting for when you want to break the ice in case not everyone knows each other!

Flying dress

Capture the memory of the bachelorette party in a beautiful and feminine way – with a flying dress photoshoot amidst the amazing shapes of the Belogradchik rocks! Because a photo is worth more than a thousand words. And the bachelorette party is one of those moments which deserve to be eternalized in this exceptional way!

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