We might not be at the beach right now but it doesn’t mean we can’t have fun – with top 10 experiences for the hot summer days!

Gift Come True - July Blog Post

So, what if everyone is lying on the beach right now and we are not? We can still have a good time. Even if you have to spend the summer days in the city rather than on the beach, you probably still have some free time here and there, which might not be enough to go to the seaside, but it’s definitely more than enough for a cool experience or a short trip. Thus, if just like us, you seem to be sharing the quite unfortunate fate of currently being too far from the seaside, we are writing this to show you that there is actually a lot of other things that you can be doing. Here are a few ideas for some non-sea, but great summer days.

We are starting with something exciting and unusual, which you have probably never gone for – the secret trip! Its idea is to take you to a place that you don’t expect and that we are keeping a secret for as long as possible. You will receive letters with directions and all necessary information in advance, but you won’t be aware of where exactly you are going before actually getting there. We are revealing just a little bit: we are going to take you to an intriguing and different location, where vintage culture and wild nature merge together to open a treasury of art, architecture and amazing views towards the pristine nature, right in front of you… where is that? Come with us to show you. And after that… we are asking for your discretion so that the secret magic is preserved for those coming after you.

We are staying out in the fresh mountain air, again surrounded by divine beauty – this time at the Devetaki plateau and the Krushuna waterfalls. After the pleasantly tiring trek, we are stopping for a well-deserved break at Ongal’s house. There you can feel the village coziness and romance in the air, you can have some fresh and delicious food and you can occupy yourself with the plenty of interesting activities available… you can do archery, go nomad horse-riding, do pottery or just relax by the pool amidst the greenery around.  

Now we are going on a trip around the fabulous canyon of the Vit river – this is an adventure around caves and wild nature, an experience, with which we are going to challenge you to jump into a 6-meter pool from a 10-meter cliff… would you dare? If the thought of it rather terrifies you than excites you, then we are immersing you in a carefree summer day with a picnic for two among the endless vineyards of villa Yustina. With its three-course meal and tasting of the best wine, it will make you feel as if you are under the sky of faraway Tuscany…

Now we are turning the romance into an adventure! We are going to the outskirts of the old capital of Veliko Tarnovo for an off-road ATV experience! The constant change of speed will keep you alert the whole time, while the mountain route will gift you unforgettable panoramic views, which you can also enjoy with the motor paraglider flight – this time from a bird’s eye. It will lift you up in the sky above another legendary place – the Valley of roses in Kazanlak, giving you the opportunity to have a feel of its magic from above.

And because during summer there is nothing better than cooling off by the water, we just cannot skip this kind of experiences. We are taking you to a place, where the water is calm, the reeds are gently rustling in the breeze and birds are walking on the shore… the kayaking or paddleboarding on the Karaagach or the Veleka River will give you the opportunity to enjoy peaceful waters and coastal greenery with rich biodiversity. And here is something with lots of emotions and a chance for a real party in the water shared with all of your friends: a trip on a luxurious motor boat in the Iskar dam, which will lead you through the beautiful nature of the dam, the tent camps and the Shipochen bay – a protected wildlife sanctuary with wild horses, deers and bears.

If you don’t happen to have the opportunity to get out of the city, you can still enjoy the icy-sweet taste of summer with this gelato tasting for two in the heart of Sofia. You will be able to try 10 different flavours and to take half a kilo home of those you like best! Or, stop by Vienna Café & Restaurant for a nice cool off on a hot day – with a tasting of special selection of beers and traditional specialties in an atmosphere recreating an old Viennese train station.

Let it be summer! And summer is not the same without cocktails – you might not be having them on the beach, but you can have them in the coolest bar in Sofia, “Public” – where the prominent master Drago will teach you how to make them and have lots of fun while doing so! Who said that summer can’t be awesome even without the beach?

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