Winter Bucket List: Ideas for Chill Experiences vs Adrenaline Rush [+ checklist]

Life is too colorful to spend the winter between four walls, and your only walk to be the one in the nearby park. Well, there are other ways to use your free time, whether you prefer peaceful mornings or you are usually looking for a new dose of adrenaline rush. We can offer you 18 ideas for the remaining weekends of the winter months. Choose quickly, because by the time you finish at least a few, it will be time to knead the dough for the Easter cakes. So, keep reading, and at the end of the article you will find a checklist with all the places and adventures that you can download and save.

Chill experience: Fairytale about a snow barbecue for two

White fairy tale, sweet-spoken guide, barbecue and mulled wine during a light mountain tour in the area of ​​the Plateau or the Bistrishko Branishte reserve, protected by UNESCO and declared a "biosphere".

Or a snowshoe hike through the mystical trails of Lozen Mountain in combination with an authentic Shopski grill?

Adrenaline rush: Flight over the majestic Rila and 5 dams with a motor hang-glider

Yes, with an instructor, of course, but with the opportunity to take control of the plane! With video recording we will perpetuate your courage for generations. Of course, this is a real experience that you can try all year round, but winter is only for really extreme types.

Chill experience: Family snow holiday

Time changes, and with them children's games. Everyone has heard of "Guards and Apaches", "Hide and Seek" and 99% of you have taken care of Tamagotchi or Furby. Did you play as a child the game "hot and cold", in which an object is hidden somewhere in the room and you have to find it? Today we take you back to it among the pines of Vitosha. Within 2 exciting hours for the whole family, you will have to find a treasure hidden in the snow. We are giving you the first joker: it is somewhere on the territory of Aleko hut. And after the snow challenge you will discuss all the fun moments over a glass of mulled wine for mom and dad and hot chocolate for the child.


This is a great way to show your little one the games you enjoyed as a child - something you can turn into a new family tradition.

Adrenaline rush: Skiing and snowboarding for beginners, good and professionals

The bell rang and it was time for a little math. Tell us: if you go skiing for 1 hour every day of the year with 10 minutes of rest for every 10 minutes of riding at an average speed of 20 km/h, how many kilometers will you cover by 2022?

Even if there is no snow on our indoor track, the whole family can train according to their level and ambitions all year round. Or just get ready for the next weekend on the real tracks.

As for the correct answer to the mathematical problem - we write "excellent 6" to each answer "3650 km".

Chill experience: Come with me to the cave, the salt cave.

Take advantage of the magic of salt, which heals and stimulates the immune system - a particularly suitable "activity" for the winter season.


The secret of salt rooms is in the air, which is highly saturated with ionized particles, thanks to special devices - halogen generators. By inhaling this air, the airways are cleansed and the metabolism is activated and expels toxins from the body. The salt rooms are also equipped with moderate infrared radiation, which normalizes blood pressure, improves blood circulation and reduces the feeling of fatigue.

And if you decide to quit smoking in the new year, visiting a salt room will help you to go through this challenge more painlessly, relieving unpleasant symptoms.

Adrenaline rush: Snowmobiling in the mountains

Just like in the real life, the untrodden paths and the impassable snow take you on a winter adventure that you will remember for a long time. Especially on routes other than the standard ones so that you can feel all the beauty of the Bulgarian mountains in winter.



Just when you think you know a place… you get on the snowmobile and realize that you have no idea about it.


Just a step away from Sofia, and it is full of surprises and emotions - are you ready to meet bears?

Rila lakes

The location can quickly become your favorite not only in summer but also in the frozen winter. Each turn hides a different view and the adrenaline is constantly high.


The panoramic tour of Perelik peak and the neighboring ridges simply oblige you to take great pictures from 2200 meters! Just don't forget to tag Gift Come True in your photos.

With such a variety of choices, the only limit lies in your imagination. 

Chill experience: Relaxation through flotation

Undoubtedly the well-deserved rest is the sweetest, but let's ask you something - are you sure that you know how to recharge effectively? Do not rush to answer us. Firstly, try a few sessions of "flotation" and then share your viewpoint on social media or in a review.

Flotation is the new name for relaxation and can hardly be compared to another experience of this type. This is a capsule therapy for weightless sailing for the purpose of meditation and recovery of the body or exploration of the possibilities of consciousness and mind.

We describe the capsule as a "space egg" due to the lack of gravity. Like being in the Dead Sea, this is achieved by saturating the water with magnesium sulfate salts in an amount of 300 kg. Thus, the body receives the necessary minerals, and the skin and hair remain extremely delicate.

In order to naturally achieve meditation during the therapy you will be in complete silence, darkness and isolation. After 30-45 minutes, the human brain begins to generate theta waves, which usually occur during sleep or deep rest.

Adrenaline rush: Piloting an airplane

How does it sound to you to get on a plane but take control of it instead of being a passenger? If your heart has already skipped a beat, then you should definitely do it!

Break the routine and see the beautiful winter landscapes over the Rila Lakes, Koprinka Dam, Shipka or Buzludzha from a bird's eye view.

Chill experience: Building an Igloo

What would it be like to exchange your life with an Eskimo for a day?! It will certainly be quite cold, but it can be a great adventure to put yourself in the shoes (or gloves) of an Eskimo and build a real igloo with the whole family or friends.

Good experience if you have to visit the northernmost point of the Canadian Arctic, where the temperature is often -54 degrees, and knowledge of how to build an igloo could save your life.

Joe Caretak, whose vocation in life is to be a leader in community development, says the safe ice home is made of hard snow, without many layers, small in size to retain maximum heat.

You already know the secrets of the Eskimos, take the family to the snowy Vitosha!

Adrenaline rush: Skiing under the stars

It is a real happiness to have a person next to you with whom you can share a common passion, and if that is skiing or snowboarding, do not miss the following lines. Gift Come True challenges you to put a tick in the bucket list and ride at night with your loved one on the slopes of Vitosha. Great opportunity to say "I love you" or just "Man, I'm glad you came."

Only some will understand us…


Chill experience: SPA retreat in the mountains

We offer you the classics - where Rila, Verila, Vitosha and Plana gather… in the mountain at SPA hotel Belchin Garden. Virgin nature, the ski slopes of Borovets just minutes away, massage afterwards, healing mineral water in a wonderful warm pool and "see you soon" to the routine of everyday life.

You can choose other destinations for your "SPA escape in the mountains", such as the unique Katarina SPA or Alpin Borovets.


Adrenaline rush: Winter off-road - white or muddy

You choose the route and the model while your friends say "Thank you for an unforgettable day!" Just be careful who you invite - choose coiled daredevils who do not shout loudly in terror - the terrain is really a challenge.


Chill experience: code "Revitalization"

In the unique thermal and aqua zone of Millenium SPA you can expect the five elements: Water, Fire, Air, Earth, Ether. You can find out more in our platform.

Adrenaline rush: Jump from a balloon. Are you ready?

How long can you stay on the edge of the basket? Or do you prefer to jump right away? In any case, we will photograph you, so we will document your fearlessness in both cases.

Chill experience: Mountain hike with a guide

We like to say that if you have time for a walk in the park, you better go to the mountains.

The record for the fastest crossing of the national route belongs to Bozhidar Antonov in 2018 - 600 km from Kom peak to Cape Emine in 4 days, 8 hours and 27 minutes from. Well, you will spend between approximately between 2 hours and 4 and a half hours depending on the path you prefer. The options are as follows:


Passage to the village of Kamen Del (1862 m)

It offers the best view of Sofia and lasts up to 2 hours

The path is one of the easiest and most frequent ones in Vitosha. It is a walk rather than a climb, because the slope is minimal and the distance is relatively short. This makes it ideal for a family outing.


Passage to Cherni Vrah (2290 m)

The hardest one in Vitosha with a duration of up to 4 hours and 30 min.

From the very beginning you will have to leave motivated, because the first 30-40 minutes of climbing the serpentine, the so-called "Wall" are the most tiring. Once you cross this section, you can take a well-deserved break before continuing boldly to the top.

This proposal on our list is one of our favorites, because it is a great way to prove at the beginning of the year that every goal is achievable.

Adrenaline rush: Vertically, 300 meters above the ground with a motor paraglider

You choose whether there are to be loops and how much exactly, the duration and at what time of day. We will take pictures of you: it's easier for others to believe you.


Chill experience: Riding in a Rhodope ranch near Sofia or Borovets

It is always exciting and especially beautiful in winter. For beginners or advanced, individual or for couples, this experience will relax, refresh and ennoble you - our horses are extremely intelligent.

Adrenaline rush: Couples challenge "Headshot"

Shooting with different weapons and a total of 100! cartridge. Great "activity" for the cold winter days, right?


Choose your favorite winter adventures, click the appropriate box and take a screenshot to save the choice:

Winter Wonderland with BBQ See
The Hidden Winter Treasure See
Inside The Salty Cave See
Floatation for Maximum Relaxation See
Building an Igloo See
Mountain SPA Retreat See
Code "Revitalization" See
Winter Hike In The Mountain See
Horseback Riding in The Mountain See
Hang Planer Flight over Rila Mountain See
Indoor Skiing & Snowboard See
Snowmobile Ride See
Airplane Pilot For a Day See
Skiing Under the Stars See
Winter Off-road See
Hot Air Baloon Jump See
Paraglider Flight See
Couples Challenge "Head Shot" See
Winter Wonderlandd with BBQ
The Hidden Winer Treasure
Inside The Salty Cave
Floatation for Maximum Relaxation
Building an Igloo
Mountain SPA Retreat
Code "Revitalization"
Winter Hike in The Mountain
Horseback Riding in The Mountain
Hang Planer Flight over Rila Mountain
Indoor Skiing & Snowboard
Snowmobile Ride
Airplane Pilot For a Day
Skiing Under the Stars
Winter Off-road
Hot Air Baloon Jump
Paraglider Flight
Couples Challenge "Head Shot"
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