Vouchers for photo shoots

If you are looking for a unique and emotional memory for a lifetime, give (yourself) a photo shoot! Here you will find a photo shoot for every occasion: for two, pregnancy photoshoot, for babies, family or children's. Welcome the guaranteed positive emotions and an unforgettable memory later show family and friends!

Pregnancy photoshoot and newborn photoshoot: an emotion that turns into unforgettable memories

Pregnancy is an adventure, a wonderful miracle of nature. Every pregnant woman becomes more beautiful in a different way during pregnancy. The maternity photo session shows just that - the natural beauty and magic of a pregnant woman that comes from within. Often pregnant women do not feel attractive or comfortable in their body, but the truth is that after some time they realize how intimate, valuable and special pregnancy is for them and their family.

This type of photo session is the start of a collection of photographs that will trace and preserve every valuable memory of the beloved child's life.

Newborn photo sessions are no longer a luxury, but something precious, planned and important for many parents. Capturing and preserving these precious moments is a truly meaningful investment that both parent and child will appreciate more and more with each passing year. The photos of the first moments of each child are a priceless gift to the newborn and his parents.

Choose a voucher for a family photoshoot

Every family has pictures taken in a hurry or with a phone. However, those moments when captured professionally by a photographer with become priceless.

A family photoshoot is an irreplaceable gift to surprise your loved ones with! It's a moment just for you and them, in a comfy environment, with all the love and positive emotion a professional camera can capture.

In an environment chosen by you and under the skilled guidance of a professional, you will be able to enjoy shared moments together, extraordinary and only yours, captured in wonderful photographs - a memory for a lifetime!

Invaluable present for generations to come

  • We offer photo sessions in Sofia, Burgas and Belogradchik, outdoors or in professional studios with a different focus:
  • children's photo session;
  • photo session with a pet;
  • Flying Dress photo shoot;
  • "Wild West" photo shoot;
  • outdoor and indoor photo shoots.

Why choose a photoshoot voucher from Gift Come True

At Gift Come True, we believe that the emotion of experiences and shared moments are priceless! That's why we partner with professional photographers to capture them in the best possible way!

Our professionals will predispose you and your loved ones to ensure the most pleasant experience and fun. At a time convenient and in a place convenient for you, we will capture the smiles and real emotions!