For those who believe one never stops learning, a new skill is a gift. Bring joy to yourself or someone close to you with our workshops and courses. Have you ever dreamed of playing the guitar? Or to learn how to draw? To sing on stage, to create beautiful artworks, to be an oenologist, to ride a horse or to dance? Come, try it, and you mind consider changing your profession, a new beginning, charged with emotion and enthusiasm.

What kind of vouchers for courses and workshops can you find at Gift Come True

The courses we offer are conducted by professionals - people dedicated to art, who will gladly and attentively share their knowledge, talent, experience with you. There are many options, as well as the ways of conducting them- individually or in a group. Here are some examples of the workshops we offer:

  • craft workshops for paper flowers, DIY notebooks, lamps, paint and wine, painting on textile, ceramics, wood carving and sgraffito 
  • photography lessons
  • horse riding lessons
  • scuba diving
  • plane driving
  • courses for chocolate and coffee lovers
  • dancing classes
  • music instrument classes: guitar, drums, singing lessons
  • make-up lessons

Why choose a voucher for a course or a workshop from Gift Come True

Mastering new skills is very often a dream activity for which few people find the courage, time and funds. Give this challenge to a loved one to provide them with the opportunity to follow the path of their vocation and dreams.