5 stories about Wine and Love

The eternal dispute: what is celebrated on February 14 - St. Valentine or Trifon Zarezan? In Gift Come True’s calendar, the date is marked simply as The Day of Wine and Love! Therefore, we’ve decided to celebrate the double holiday with 5 stories and 5 suggestions for appropriate gifts.

The Mystical Story of Venus de Milo

In the city of love - Paris - in the largest French museum, the Louvre, is the statue of Venus de Milo. Two hundred years ago, on the Milos island, a Greek peasant found the statue, which today is a cultural icon and an object of admiration. However, one question still remains relevant: who is Venus de Milo?

Many believe that the statue is dedicated to the Greek goddess of love and beauty - Aphrodite (in Latin "Venus"). Others believe that it depicts Amphitrite - the goddess of the sea, in special homage to the Milos island.

One of the peculiarities of the statue is its lack of hands. This is definitely a provocation to the imagination: did Venus de Milo hold the apple of sin and who did her hands touch? Those of Ares?

Well, some questions may remain unresolved forever… but isn't that what makes her story so romantic?

The gifts that couples exchange on February 14 are also romantic - but even the simplest gift such as a bottle of wine or a special chocolate are always well-received: Say ‘I love you’ with a bottle of wine or give chocolate, the sweet-bitter temptation.

The Oldest Wine in the World

We have an ever-lasting interest in wine, and we've already shared it with you in our previous article on the Grapevine Phrasebook. However, have we told you that we know the answer to the question How old is the oldest wine in the world? Today we will reveal this secret to you.

Scientists say the remains of pottery containing residual wine compounds have been found 8,000 years ago in two places south of the Georgian capital, Tbilisi.

David Lordkipanidze, director of the Georgian National Museum, who led the study, said large jars called qvevri were still used in Georgian wine production.

Qvevri with wine in a winery, Georgia

Qvevri with wine in a winery, Georgia

And the oldest wine, which is not made from grapes, is believed to be made from rice, honey and fruit, and it has been discovered in China in 7000 BC. Well, we prefer grape wine. If you agree with us and are looking for gift ideas for 14th February, here's another idea: a 5-course wine tasting for two.

The Story of the Gelato [+ Recipe for Ice Cream With Wine]

Asians have eaten crushed ice with various essences and additives as early as 3000 BC. Centuries later, the Egyptians and Roman emperors loved to be pampered with a bowl of ice sweetened with fruit juice.

Sicily and southern Italy had an old tradition of mixing pieces of fruit and freezing them with the help of ice and snow from underground caves.

And in the Dolomites, for example, people have stored snow from the nearby Alps to make cakes from milk, cream, sugar, eggs and natural sweeteners. What would people do for a few minutes of sweet pleasure… Nowadays, it is much easier to buy ice cream or even more exciting - to make it yourself.

But how did the idea of ice cream survive to this day? In fact, Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli, a restaurateur from Palermo, was the man who popularized gelato. In 1964, he opened a café in Paris and his menu only offered coffee, chocolate and a frozen dessert served in porcelain cups. He is said to have invented the first ice cream machine. The frozen dessert began to rapidly gain popularity and soon enough it spread throughout Europe. The place still exists today, so next time you visit Paris, you can stop at Café Procope - the oldest café in the city, which has not stopped working or serving ice cream.

Cafe Procope, Paris, France

Cafe Procope, Paris, France

If you want to try making ice cream yourself at home, try the recipe for ice cream with wine:

An original gift for a loved one is the WINEBOX love elixir, a special selection of wines that can satisfy even the most demanding palate. Along with the wine, you will receive a passport for each bottle so that you can take a look into its history as well as information about the harvest, the blend, the aroma of the wine and what food goes best with it. If you want to combine the magic bottle with ice cream - Voila! Welcome to Gelato Fabbrica!

How Come the Whole World Can Sing the Same (Love) Song Along?

We refuse to believe that there is a person who has never sung hits in the shower or at least has not hummed their melody in the car. In fact, isn't it interesting how a song becomes so popular and liked that the whole world wants to sing it out loud in their bathroom? Linda Perry, author of love hits such as Christina Aguilera's ‘Keeps Getting 'Better’, told Spotify what to do and what not to do when writing love songs:

Follow the Emotion

Perry says when asked ‘What do you do when you block and lose inspiration?’ that she has never had this problem. Because this is an issue for people who think instead of feel. The problems start when one tries to analyze what people are listening to, how some authors have managed to create 5 consecutive hits and more dilemmas that have nothing to do with the creative process. So, Perry's advice is simple: follow the emotion.

Clarify the Profile of the Artist You Are Writing the Song For 

Things change when you have to write a song for a certain artist, because that means going beyond yourself and your style. Artists are different – one has a style which is gloomy and sad, and another - positive, smiling and radiant… You need to understand both worlds. It can be very difficult, but also very interesting.

Do Not Repeat What You Have Already Heard

Perry has already written many hits, but each time she tries to be different. Linda Perry said: ‘I'm not trying to emulate something that's considered popular and everyone is listening. It will just make me an ordinary songwriter. I will no longer write from my own experience, but from someone else's. So, don't duplicate what you hear, but create your own sound.’

If your partner has an affinity for music and has secretly always wanted to get acquainted with this art, then a musical adventure of your choice can be the perfect gift.

A great gift idea for couples in love and another musical challenge: record a song together even if you can't sing. We are ready to bet that next year (and why not after 10) you will remember this experience again and listen to your masterpiece.


How Was Gustav Klimt's the Kiss Born?

The Austrian artist Gustav Klimt, who hardly needs a presentation, has created ‘The Kiss’ – an art piece about a hugging couple, hidden behind a large golden cloak. He has presented his work at a critical moment in his career - during a panic attack typical for artistic people. Having just received sharp criticism for another painting presented at the University of Vienna, he left the Viennese Art Nouveau, despite being the founder of the movement. And just then he organized the exhibition The Kunstschau (translated from German "Art Show"), during which he presented ‘The Kiss’. The exhibition was received with fierce criticism and ended in financial collapse, but ‘The Kiss’ was a huge success. The Viennese government bought the work and declared it a national treasure. But what is the work? A man and a woman who have forgotten about the outside world remain untouched by time and reality. Warmth and tenderness in an embrace among a flower bed, on the edge of an abyss, threatening to disappear forever. Golden color in the "golden phase" of a love

If you want to experience the magic of art together with your loved one, sign up for wine painting in Sofia or Plovdiv.

And if painting is not your thing, a short trip with wine tasting is always a good idea.

Have you already chosen your gift for the Day of Wine and Love?
Because at the end of the month of love and wine Gift Come True will lovingly surprise three of you with a second voucher for something really wonderful. For two, of course. In the name of shared happiness and memories you can return to.
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