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And a ray of hope for their relatives

One, two, three! How we missed the proms last year! No worries, this year we will catch up strong! We start the countdown at the beginning of May and by the end of it, we have even more voice to yell the numbers from one to twelve. We will roar again that annoying song which we will probably hear only once in our life (at the prom), but we magically know the lyrics, we sing it like an anthem (but instead we hold something alcoholic in our hand) and it hits a stronger emotional string than Adele's Hello.

So, whether you have already decided what you will study, whether you will become a surgeon, a lawyer or a street artist - we will celebrate! And after the party what? Another party of course! How many parties did we miss because of the history class, the geography class, the exam preparatory course on a Saturday morning, or that awful physics test that one Wednesday? That's enough! The end! 

Okay, what we're going to do after the prom is clear. If not - we will clarify it in a while, calm down. And before prom? Well, a home party! And for it we need three things: drinking, singing and dancing. Which you have to be prepared for so as to impress the class. This is how:

  • We will dance as if we have learned how to dance (this is also applicable to prom night itself) and we will not tell anyone that we have actually taken classes.
  • We will spin the most dizzying cocktails that exist on this earth. And honestly, it's classy to drink something that is not vodka with orange juice, we are classy people!
  • And we will sing. But not the "Oath" by Shturtzite, we are keeping this one for prom night, haven't we agreed? We can create a song about our classmates so that we have something to cry about nostalgically in all the years to come.

Life is a big party and salvation is not lurking anywhere, because we move forward with more adventures. Of the coolest ones really. For those of you who just can't go home after the ball and wait patiently and quietly to become uni students because they feel like doing more and more and more - we've thought about you. Think about it yourself, guarantee yourself cool emotions. The good news? You can give clues about your dream gift to your parents. What do we mean? These suggestions bellow:

You will not be alone for this proposal, and everyone knows "Two are better than one!" And 25 people? 25 people insist on getting what they want. What do they want you to ask? Party on wheels! Grab the class and run away shouting from the party train. Which is a tram. Yeah, you got the point.

Second prom? Yes please! Grab three more (or more) of your classmates and go on an off-road jeep safari in… Sunny Beach. But in another way, not as you know it. Come on, now is the time, then sessions, sessions, sessions…

And while we're at sea we can rub in a little luxury lifestyle, life is not just a muddy safari though (nothing wrong with a muddy safari). For those of you who love pampering and glamor - ride a yacht, it's nice!

And because we are now, not then - it is good to think about the person who has endured us for the last 5 years, the person who counted every time we missed class and suspiciously looked at every apology note for our absence. Our teacher, of course. Give this woman something - she deserves, honestly.

As we just mention the teacher and the apology notes, we can't help but ask, "Where were you at that hour?" Honestly, how many times have you run away from class in the last five years? Well, no more. Before you start missing it, we offer you one last escape and that's it, because we have to measure dresses and suits and get into nervous crises because there are no gloves in that color, and your uncle seems to have sold the Mercedes right now and it is not clear what he will do with it. You are going to prom. You know how it goes.

By the way, becoming students and then people with careers will not stop your adventure. We are here even then. Take a look at our suggestions for a more exciting life starting now  just in case.

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