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Welcome to Gift Come True - the online platform for experience vouchers and unique personalized gifts with over 500 offers. Here you will find a variety of extreme sports and adventures, culinary classes, tastings and dining, massages and spa treatments, trips and vacations, photo shoots, courses and non-standard material gifts. Gift Come True is your faithful friend in choosing experiences for every occasion, taste and budget. You choose whether to give a gift to a loved one or to yourself! Make a memorable gift that you can't go wrong with!

Why are extreme sports vouchers the perfect gift for an adventurer?

Do you love adrenaline and extreme adventures? Or do you know a loved one who is looking for these type of thrills? You are in the right place! You can choose from a diverse selection of vouchers for extreme experiences and adventures on land, air and water, with which you can turn your everyday life or that of a loved one into a fun adventure!

Gift (yourself) some strong sensations, the speed and the rush of the wind, emotions never experienced before, which you will remember for a long time!

Choose "land" with vouchers for ATV, off-road jeep driving, fast speeds with supercars, drifting and snowmobiling or riding.

Choose "air" with vouchers for experiences such as bungee jumping and hot air ballooning, piloting an airplane or hang glider, or skydiving.

Jump into the "water" with a voucher for scuba diving or snorkeling, surfing lessons, paddle boarding, kayaking, rafting and more!

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  • hot air balloon flights
  • hang gliding flights
  • bungee jumping
  • rafting and adventure
  • kayaking and canoeing adventures
  • diving and snorkeling
  • off road, ATV, buggy
  • horse riding

Great gift experience ideas for future master chefs and culinary lovers

For foodies and gourmet lovers, you will find vouchers for culinary courses, gourmet cuisine tastings, wine, artisanal chocolate and ice cream, tea and coffee, whiskey and cigars, craft beer.

Our range of experiences in Bulgaria’s best culinary schools and selected restaurants will lead the recipient of such a gift through a sensory journey experience!

Immerse foodies or yourself in a variety of new cuisines. Try new flavors! Choose a tastings and dinner voucher and enjoy exquisite tasting menus at the best restaurants offering gourmet cuisine from around the world.

Gifts experiences for people who love massages, spa and relaxation

Give a loved one peace and relaxation with a voucher for massages and spa treatments in the best spa centers and studios in Bulgaria.

Delight a loved one with a voucher for a visit to a bee house, the thermal area in a central Sofia premium SPA center, salt room, manicure and pedicure, beauty treatments, flotation, professional make-up, detox and color therapy. Give them the gift of time off for beautification or shared moments of relaxation and harmony with a friend or loved one.

A travel or weekend holiday voucher for travel enthusiasts

For travel lovers, we have selected special destinations throughout Bulgaria that combine adventure and relaxation. With a travel and vacation voucher, you can give your loved one a romantic night in a castle or a boutique hotel. Surprise them with a walk through the vineyards, a romantic dinner on a yacht, or a secret trip to the most hidden and wonderful corners of Bulgaria. Wine tours, gourmet weekends, ancient history, premium wines, spa packages and gastronomic rural tourism are just some of our exclusive offers for every travel lover.

Discover a new hobby with Gift Come True’s workshops

For the curious ones, we offer a wide selection of courses that will positively surprise anyone who has dreamed of diving into a new activity. Here you will find singing and musical instruments lessons, painting and wine, dancing and photography, art and craft, ceramics and wood carving.

Our palette of workshops will teach you to make artistic lamps, exquisite bags and even paper flowers... For happy parents and calm babies, we offer special consultations that teach both parties how to efficiently communicate. Our delicious tours in the world of coffee, chocolate, beer or wine will reveal to you the secret of these crafts. Are you ready to learn something new?

Capture happy moments with professional photo sessions

A voucher for a professional photo shoot is always a good gift choice - for any occasion or without one. Choose from pregnancy photoshoots, children's, lovers' or just friends', with pets, outdoors, of your choice, or in a professional studio.

Our photographers are professional, attentive, with an eye for detail and an ear for your requirements and expectations. Communicating with them is a pleasure, and the results are impressive.

Personalized and non-standard material presents

If you still insist on gifting something material, choose from our suggestions for original gifts that will surprise!. Buy a voucher for a selected selection of wines, tea or coffee for tasting, numerological analysis, a special bouquet - actually not a standard bouquet, made of fruits or delicious macarons, a doll with the look of a friend, an author's photograph, a dream card or a pop art portrait... Make an exclusive and original gift to a loved one!

A gift card or gift voucher at a selected value if you are not sure what experience to choose

You don't know the person for whom you are preparing the gift well, or maybe you’re hesitating between several unique experiences? Choose a gift card - gift voucher the worth of which is according to your budget (from BGN 50 to BGN 500).

Then decide how you will present it - online (by email), in an elegant envelope or box by courier, we will send the gift card with which the recipient can choose any of the 500+ experiences we offer.

The gift card for a gift experience gives its recipient the freedom of choice and the emotion of choosing the experience he wants the most. Be different with this type of gift! Gift an unforgettable experience!

How Gift Come True helps you find the perfect gift for any occasion

With Gift Come True, you choose an experience easily and quickly, you receive a gift voucher valid for 1 year, online by email, or in a beautiful package.

We can “wrap” your chosen experience in a luxury gift bag or box, which we can also ship on your behalf. The experiences we offer are carefully selected by us, highly rated by our customers, meticulously delivered by our partners.

We offer experiences for every taste and budget. Enjoy the pleasure of choosing from over 500 experience ideas! Choose a gift for every recipient: men, women, children, friends, families and couples. For any occasion - birthday, name day, Christmas, anniversary, wedding or prom. Or for no reason at all - for a loved one, respected business partner or colleague.