A weekend down the trails of Southwest Bulgaria

The warm rays of the sun, the fresh air of the mountain and the freedom of the spirit – this is what happiness looks like! Regularly spending time in nature and in this way clearing both your mind and soul. Because nature - this is where you belong. Following our instincts and that innate love for the mountain, we are leaving to ‘’wander’’ a little bit around the southwest of Bulgaria and we are inviting you to join us. Where are the trails leading you? Let us give you a hint with this post.

We are leaving from Sofia and just 55 km later we are finding ourselves in the picturesque valley between the mountains of Rila, Verila, Vitosha and Plana – there is a heavenly place located there, namely Belchin bani and the Belchin Garden hotel, which lets us devote ourselves to relaxation, peaceful walks around nature and the healing thermal waters, springing with temperature of 41 °C. It is impossible to get bored with the organized mountain treks with an experienced guide: we are taking over the Seven lakes of Rila, we are climbing the Mussala peak or we are taking a stroll to the “Chakur voivoda” hut and “Malyovitsa”… tired but happy we are going back to Belchin Garden in order to devote ourselves again to a full relaxation in the mineral pools, the steam bath, the aromatherapies and the massages with warm oil and hot stones.

The second trail leads us to the foot of the Pirin mountain, the Stara Kresna village and the eco village “Debeli dab”, where we embark on a crazy rafting and kayak adventure on the Struma river! The rafting experience will take you down the Kresna gorge – the best rafting route in Bulgaria with a length of 12+ km, where you will feel a swirl of emotions, passing through the rapids and hitting the waves. The kayak will throw you directly into the turbulent waters, where you will need to row as quickly as you can in order to get out! The satisfaction, though, in line with the energy that you will feel afterwards, will not be comparable to anything!

After the strong emotions, we are taking a bit of air with this special spring revival in the luxurious aparthotel “Lucky” in Bansko, situated at the beginning of the city in a quiet and peaceful zone with a wonderful view towards the Glazne river and the magnificent Pirin mountain. Apart from having the best time in the most contemporary SPA center with a varied SPA menu, delicious and healthy food and great hospitality, you will be able to top off the whole experience with free mountain treks with a provided guide in the three mountains around Bansko!

We are still on the SPA topic – this time in the embrace of the Rila mountain. We are in the “Orbita” hotel, located close to the green heaven of Blagoevgrad – the “Bachinovo” park, which is famous for its evergreen slopes, beautiful nature, long aisles and a picturesque lake, making you lose yourself in the perfect scenery and the smell of forest. At the same time, these are combined with many opportunities to have some fun like aquatic bikes, rope park for climbing, extreme bike riding, zoo and barbecue zones, so that the whole day is filled with laughter and emotions! We are rounding it all out with rich breakfasts and dinners in the hotel, prepared with natural and ecologically clean products – own produce!

Now we are getting carried away in a romantic fairytale for two in a castle! Situated among wild nature in the Rhodope mountain, this place can make everyone feel like a royalty, by providing them with coziness and comfort, delicious quality food and of course… with the opportunity to make invaluable memories with their loved one! On the day of arrival, you can expect a romantic surprise in your room… after that, you can indulge in massages and a deep rest in the SPA zone with mineral pools, jacuzzi, sauna and a steam bath...

Where is the sixth trail leading to? We are finding ourselves among impressive eternal borons in the first Bulgarian resort. More particularly:  we are in the heart of Borovets and the boutique complex “Alpin”. Again, we are immersing in a romance for two… apart from the walks down the sunny pathways around, the calmness and the privacy, we are gifting ourselves horse riding for two in nature and an exquisite dinner, with which we are marking the end of this lovely weekend and the special time spent together.

Now it is time for an interesting experience with a taste of the Mediterranean. Villa Sintika – it fascinates with its interior in the spirit of the Mediterranean, its garden with over 100 types of Mediterranean plants and its little olive forest. And all of this has been created with a lot of flair and finesse just 2 km. away from the center of Sandanski – a town with a soft and healing climate, beautiful nature and over 80 mineral springs, turning it into a favorite leisure place.

Finally, we have a challenge for you! Spend a couple of days in nature with no Internet. Take a break from the noise of the city in the hidden in the West Rhodopes village of Leshten, which recreates the spirit of the past. Take a walk down the narrow cobblestone streets, spend the night in a cozy wooden house with a fireplace, enjoy some panoramic views towards the infinite boron forest. Remember what it is to spend some time with your own self, with your thoughts, with silence… with the mountain.

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